Spiritual Tools

Here you'll find a collection of spiritual tools to help you transform your world. Develop your psychic abilities, heal yourself on all levels, shift into a higher vibration with our meditations and rituals, and work with the law of attraction to manifest whatever you desire in life. Browse our Virtual Oracles, special Forecast articles, Love Rituals, Manifesting Rituals, Spiritual Protection and Clearing Rituals, Empowering Meditations and helpful articles to find just what you're looking for!

Our Virtual Oracles

NEW! Your Daily Tarot Message The Tarot can offer you spiritual messages and guidance to move through your day more effectively. Whether you need information for a particular problem or just want to know what kind of day you can expect, visit Kajama's virtual Tarot Oracle to learn more!

The Love Rituals

Love Rituals are designed to help you focus on bringing true and enduring love into your life. Practicing these methods faithfully will raise your vibrations, which in turn will open your heart, mind and soul to the endless possibilities of love that await you. Click for Susyn Blair-Hunt's complete collection of Rituals for Empowered Living.

Love Ritual - Soul Mate Manifestation Board: This ritual will affirm your intentions to manifest the ideal partner and attract your soul mate to you. By creating a "Soul Mate Manifestation Board" to serve as a tool for affirming what you desire in a partner, you'll be empowered to "visualize" your way to true love.

Love Ritual - Past Love Recall: This love ritual is designed to call a lover back from the past, someone we cannot seem to get out of our minds or hearts, and who we believe is our true soul mate. Before recalling a past love with this ritual, meditate carefully on your intent and ask Spirit to reveal if your longing is to recapture the heart of another, or to recapture a part of yourself that needs to be healed.

Love Ritual - Release a Past Love or Break Ties with the Past: This ritual is designed to bring closure to a past love connection and create space for new love to enter your life. When you know a relationship is over and it is in your best interest to move on, but you can't seem to get the person out of your head, or you keep returning to the connection, this will help you to close the door once and for all.

The Manifestation Rituals

The manifestation rituals are designed to help you set your intent with the Universe, open doors to the future in magical ways, and bring your dreams into reality. Practicing these methods faithfully will awaken your destiny consciousness, as you invite Spirit to provide all you need to make your life happy and complete.

Manifestation Ritual #1 - Money Amulet: Keep the money coming in with this powerful money amulet! Carry this amulet with you and you will always have what you need, when you need it! The Universe directs the flow of our money and this amulet will enlist Spirit's help to create more abundance and balance in your finances.

Manifestation Ritual - Spiritual Request Box: This ritual will assist you in creating a sacred container to address your daily concerns. With this Spiritual Request Box, you will develop the art of turning things over to the Universe for help, direction and resolution.

The Spiritual Protection Spells & Rituals

The spiritual protection rituals are designed to to ward off trouble, block negative or upsetting energy, and create protective auric fields around you, loved ones and your environment. Practicing these methods will create an impenetrable shield of protection and love around you, enabling you to move with more purpose, less conflict and greater power.

Spiritual Protection Ritual #1 - The "Freezing": This ritual is ideal for deflecting unreasonable people or situations and protecting you from the negative energy they create. "Freezing" them allows you to keep moving authentically and joyfully through your life without unnecessary drains on your spirit or emotions. It is also effective to help rebalance your own emotions and restore clarity.

Spiritual Protection Ritual - Clear and Protect Your Home Ritual: This cleansing, purifying and sealing ritual will refresh your personal space, infusingit with restorative vibrations and a magical aura. It's recommended you complete this ritual by performing the Personal Embodiment Protection ritual that follows.

Spiritual Protection Ritual - Personal Energy/Aura Protection: This ritual will cleanse, purify and seal any "holes" in your aura. Immerse yourself in light and energy with this chakra therapy-based bath. This ritual can be practiced any time you feel overwhelmed, drained or uninspired, or in combination with the above Environmental Protection Ritual.

Click for Susyn Blair-Hunt's complete collection of Rituals for Empowered Living.

Helpful Articles

Recommended Spiritual Books We've got a long list of life-changers, books on the law of attraction, astral projection, some favorite authors, and some sections we're still working on. (We need your suggestions!) This list will make you excited to dig into a great new spiritual book today.

How to Get a Good Psychic Reading: "Never resign yourself to anything a psychic tells you. The power of getting a reading is that is shows you where you’re heading so you can change your course if you so desire. A good psychic reader will leave you feeling comforted, more at peace, and empowered to create what you want in your life. If you use your intuition and common sense in choosing a spiritual counselor and you prepare yourself for the reading, you can work with the synergy and magic of the reading experience to change your life and fulfill your dreams!"

Protect Yourself from Psychic Scams: An Insider's Guide: "Over the years, I’ve received some truly disturbing letters both at Muse-Net and Kajama from people who were panicked or confused because some “psychic” had told them they were cursed or possessed by an evil spirit. Oftentimes these people had spent hundreds of dollars to have these negative influences removed, but the reader kept them coming back for this or that and insisting on more and more money."

Understanding Chakras: "In people of great youth and vitality, the chakras and the aura tend to look brighter and more vibrant. In people of ill health – who lack 'energy' – the aura will look more dim, and the chakras less vibrant. As we develop spiritually, our chakras grow and expand. In someone undeveloped, they may look like dim, small circles. In someone of great spiritual development, they will appear huge, vibrant, open and swirling."

How to Better Hear Your Spirit Guides: "People often ask me how they can meet and talk with their own spirit guides. The first thing to know is that when you ask Spirit for guidance, Spirit DOES answer. It’s like you’re emailing Spirit and Spirit is shooting back an answer instantly, but your SPAM filter is filtering out this guidance along with a lot of other stuff you really want but aren’t programmed to receive. You’re waiting for the answer, and the whole time it’s there in another file."

Sun Sign Personalities: This article covers the basic personality traits that the different sun signs are known for. It's a helpful reference guide that lists the various elements, themes, passions, colors, flowers and gemstones for each sign. It also includes a handy list of which signs are most and least compatible with each other.

Meditation Recordings

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