Love Ritual #2 – Past Love Recall


This love ritual is designed to call a lover back from the past, someone we cannot seem to get out of our minds or hearts, and who we believe is our true soul mate. Before recalling a past love with this ritual, meditate carefully on your intent and ask Spirit to reveal if your longing is to recapture the heart of another, or to recapture a part of yourself that needs to be healed. This ritual will help you to bring them back into your life if your desires are supported by the Universe and destiny.

What you will need:
3 votive candles, 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 green
1 clear or tourmalated quartz crystal
Dragon's blood or sage incense
1 small magnet
3 small bowls
1 small piece of whole ginger root
3 mustard seeds
1 cinnamon stick

Preparation: Wear blue or indigo while performing this ritual, and play music that connects you with this relationship, either "your song" or music you listened to when you were together. This ritual is most effective when performed on a Monday or Saturday, or during a full Moon.

The Ritual: Begin by placing the three candles in front of you, left to right: pink, yellow and green. Place a small bowl in front of each candle. Set the magnet in the center bowl. Take the pink candle and with your clear or tourmalated quartz crystal, carve your initials into the side of it. Next, take the green candle and carve the initials of the person you are recalling into this one. Then place the crystal in the center bowl alongside the magnet. Light the dragon's blood incense and then using the incense wand, light the pink, yellow, then green candle, repeating the name of the person you are recalling out loud each time you light a candle.

Pick up the ginger root and hold it in your left hand, meditating on the history of the relationship. The ginger root represents the past, the roots of the established connection, and the mindsets or misconceptions that need to be healed and released. When you finish meditating on the past, place the root on the bowl in front of the pink candle.

Place the three mustard seeds in the palm of your right hand, meditating on what would need to change to bring this person back into your life. The three mustard seeds represent faith, trust and miracles. When you are done, place the seeds on the bowl with the magnet and crystal that sits in front of the yellow candle.

Next, place the cinnamon stick in your right hand, focusing on the future; visualize the manner of your lover's return of this person, and feel the happiness, joy and potentials that would come from this reunion. The cinnamon stick represents a fresh start with the object of your affections and the renewal of the connection. When done, place the stick on the bowl in front of the green candle.

Once you have completed this portion of the ritual, gather the ginger root, mustard seeds and cinnamon stick, then bury them in the ground or in a flower pot. This will take your desire to the next level as you "plant" your dreams in the soil of manifestation and "water" them with spiritual intent.

To complete the ritual, blow out the candles one by one, whispering the name of the lover you are recalling after each. Place the magnet under your pillow, to keep the energy actively working on your behalf, even when you are asleep. You may experience more dreams that include your lover; this is natural.

Meditate nightly to continue adding power to this spell, relighting the candles with your dragon's blood or sage incense. Hold the magnet in your right hand and the quartz crystal in your left hand while you contemplate on your lover's return.