Love Ritual #1 Soul Mate Manifestation Board


This ritual will affirm your intentions to manifest the ideal partner and attract your soul mate to you. By creating a "Soul Mate Manifestation Board" to serve as a tool for affirming what you desire in a partner, you will be empowered to "visualize" your way to true love.

What you will need:
1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 green candle
Vanilla or sage incense
1 rose quartz crystal or rose quartz beads/jewelry
A Tarot deck or regular deck of playing cards
A new $20 bill (or foreign equivalent)
1 poster board 2'x3' or larger
(Foam core is ideal if you prefer to pin pictures and objects to the board instead
of gluing them.)
Glue or pins to attach images or objects to your board
Cord, ribbon or lace for the outer edges of the board
A photograph or photocopy of yourself
Magazine pictures, phrases, or advertisements and collected objects that represent
your ideals of love, (hearts, silk flowers, wedding bells, doves, stars, etc.)

Preparation: Search through magazines for images, phrases or symbols of love to create a collage for your board. You may also include small objects that represent love to you, such as silk flowers, feathers, or hearts. Next, find an image that closely represents the physical characteristics of your ideal mate, and a photo or photocopy of yourself. Pull out the Tarot or playing cards you will need for your manifestation board, and make copies of them if you want to preserve the originals. (Refer to "The Ritual" section below for a list of the cards you will need.)Ideally, this should be performed on a Friday night, or on the eve of a new Moon. Wear pink or green, and play soft instrumentals such as new age or classical music in the background as you work.

The Ritual: Find a comfortable area with lots of room in which to work, and begin by placing the three candles in front of you, left to right: pink, yellow and green. Light the vanilla incense and then use the incense wand to light each candle. Take the Empress, The Emperor and the Lovers from the Tarot deck. If you are using regular playing cards, use the King, Queen and Ten of Hearts. (When seeking a partner of the same sex, substitute the High Priestess for the Emperor (female couple) and the Magician for the Empress (male couple), or in a regular deck, the King (for males) or Queen (for females) of Diamonds.) Place the Empress (Queen of Hearts/King of Diamonds) in front of the pink candle, The Lovers (Ten of Hearts) in front of the yellow, and the Emperor (King of Hearts/High Priestess/Queen of Diamonds) in front of the green candle. Next, place the rose quartz crystal on top of the Lovers.

Take the poster board and cover the outer edges of it with cord, ribbon or lace. This is more than just a decoration: it will create a protective boundary around the perimeters of it to seal your intentions within the board. At the top of the board, write, "I ask that all contained in this board be manifested into real life. I ask that these representations of love, partnership and joy depicted here become my reality." At the bottom of the board, write, "I give thanks to the Universe for the love and partnership I am about to receive."

In the center of your board, draw or paste a heart, then to the left of the heart, place your photo. To the right of the heart, place your soul mate's image. Below your pictures, attach the $20 bill (no photocopies!) to set your intention and affirm the enduring value of the love you are calling in. To the left of your photo, attach the Tarot card that corresponds to your soul mate, and to the right of the image of your soul mate, place the Tarot card that represents you. Attach the Lovers card in the center, above the heart and between your photos.

Begin placing the your collected images, objects, and words around this center image to create a collage, leaving spaces in between some of the items. When you are finished, use these spaces to list details about what you would like in a partner. These lists can include everything from "honesty" to "likes to play golf." Consider what you want physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in a partner, and write them in the spaces and edges of the board.

Once your board is complete, blow out the candles and incense, reserving them for future use in your daily love meditations. Each evening, reserve time to meditate in front of your Soul Mate manifestation board, reflecting on the images and absorbing the joy they evoke. During your meditation, chant the following, "Come manno, come mo" repeatedly to stir and awaken the vibrations within your heart.

This ritual will create a lot of activity in your love life, and you may find many more people becoming attracted to you. Don't assume that the first admirer who shows up is "The One". Your heart will know your true love when they arrive, so in the meantime, enjoy all the attention it generates!