Spiritual Protection Ritual #4 – Personal Energy/Aura Protection



This ritual will cleanse, purify and seal any "holes" in your aura. Immerse yourself in light and energy with this chakra therapy-based bath. This ritual can be practiced any time you feel overwhelmed, drained or uninspired, or in combination with the above Environmental Protection Ritual.

What you will need:
3 lavender or purple candles
Lavender/Lilac or sage incense
1/4 Cup whole cloves
4 Cups Water
1 egg
3 quartz crystals
2 rose quartz crystals
1 aquamarine crystal
Sea salt
5 Sprigs of lilacs, lavender or eucalyptus
1/2 cup almond oil

Preparation: In your bathtub or spa area, position the 3 lavender candles in a pyramid position, unlit. Lay the lavender incense wand across the top of them. Gather the sea salt, sprigs of flowers and almond oil. Wear white when when preparing your ritual bath. This spell can be performed any day of the week and monthly under a New Moon.

The Ritual: Begin in the kitchen to preparing your spiritual clove sealant. (Or use clove sealant created during the Environmental Protection Ritual above.) Combine the cloves and four cups of water in a medium-size sauce pan. Bring the water to a boil. Lower the heat. Once the "clove sealant" is simmering safely on the stove, begin the "demagnetizing" portion of the ritual.

In a sitting position, take your egg and gently begin running it up and down your arms. The egg will act as a demagnetizing agent, picking up invisible stray energy that has attached itself to you during the day. (You can use this ritual any time you feel drained, burdened or exhausted as a quick pick me up. See the Instant Energy Ritual that follows.) Once you have "demagnetized" your arms, repeat on the legs, torso, neck and head, until you have covered every inch of your body. This ritual can be done clothed or unclothed.

If you choose, you may continue to simmer the cloves 1-2 hours before completing the rest of this ritual. (Be sure to watch the water levels, adding more liquid to the saucepan if needed to maintain the 4-cup level.) During this time, you will want to do loving things for yourself and your body. A few suggestions are pedicures, manicures, reading a book or watching a favorite movie.

To prepare your "spiritual sealing bath", strain the cloves from the pan, saving the clove water in a pitcher or bowl to add to your prepared bathroom. Discard the cloves.

Return to your prepared bathroom, light the lavender incense and with it, the three lavender candles. Begin filling the bath with warm water. Line the 6 crystals in a row along the edge of the tub. Fill the tub 2/3 full and then add the clove water, almond oil, sea salt and sprigs of flowers to the water. Soak in the tub for 20 minutes, allowing the clove sealant to refresh, repair and recharge your vibrant self.