Spiritual Protection Ritual #3 – Environmental Protection Ritual



This cleansing, purifying and sealing ritual will refresh your personal space, infusing it with restorative vibrations and a magical aura. It's recommended complete this spell by performing the Personal Embodiment Protection Ritual that follows.


What you will need:
3 white candles
Cinnamon incense
1/4 cup whole cloves
4 cups water
Sage or sweet grass smudge stick (or sage incense)
Quartz crystals - one for each room in your house
Sea salt
Small bowls or dishes - one for each room in your house

Preparation: In your kitchen, gather together your cloves, cinnamon incense, smudge stick, quartz crystals, bowls and candles. Wear white when performing this ritual, and play soothing classical or instrumental music. This ritual works best when performed on a Saturday, a Sunday or during a New Moon.

The Ritual: Begin in the kitchen. Light your cinnamon incense, then with the incense, light the three white candles. Combine the cloves and four cups of water in a medium-size sauce pan. Bring the water to a boil. Lower the heat. Once the "clove sealant" is simmering safely on the stove, begin purifying the rooms in your house, starting with the kitchen.

Light the smudge stick and and waft the smoke back and forth as you move through each room to clear out the lingering aura and any negative vibrations or energy. Recite this prayer " I ask Spirit that this room and all contained in it be cleansed, purified and infused with white light. Make sure to smudge twice around door frames, windows and any electronics in the room (televisions, stereos, phones, computers, electric outlets, etc.). Once a room is completed, create a metaphysical air freshener to keep it protected. Take one small bowl or dish, and fill it with sea salt. Place one quartz crystal upright in the salt, and set it in a place where it will be undisturbed. Replace the salt once a week to keep your air freshener charged.

Repeat this process in each room, until your house or office has been smudged and cleared. When you finish, return to the kitchen and turn off the stove. (If you choose, you can continue to simmer the cloves 1-2 hours. Be sure to watch the water levels, adding more liquid to the saucepan if needed to maintain the 4-cup level.)

If you are planning to perform the Personal Embodiment Protection Ritual directly after this one (recommended), strain the cloves, draining the clove water into a pitcher or bowl for use in the next ritual. Discard the cloves, blow out the candles and extinguish the smudge stick. Then sit back and enjoy your vibrant new environment.