• Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 12, 2018


    February 12 through February 18, 2018

    Get ready for a celestially charged week with a new Moon/solar eclipse, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, the start of the Chinese New Year of the Dog and two planetary sign changes, all packed into a single week! (In fact, if there’s anything you just have to get done this week, do it on Monday when the Moon is in grounded Capricorn!) Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday occurs Tuesday, a preliminary party before the season of lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Though these are religious holidays, the higher influence includes preparing for a time of self-sacrifice and more awareness of our personal actions over the next 40 days. Ash Wednesday also happens to be Valentine’s Day, so if you’re giving up chocolate for lent, best to celebrate the day with flowers or jewelry! The big news of the day arrives on Thursday with the Aquarius new Moon/solar eclipse. This is the second in a pair of eclipses and sets our focus for the next six months. It is also the astrological event that heralds in Chinese New Year, which is officially celebrated on ...

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