Love Ritual #4 – Release a Past Love or Break Ties with the Past

This ritual is designed to bring closure to a past love connection and create space for new love to enter your life. When you know a relationship is over and it is in your best interest to move on, but you can't seem to get the person out of your head, or you keep returning to the connection, this will help you to close the door once and for all.

What you will need:
3 Votive Candles, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Yellow
1 smokey quartz or brown topaz crystal
Amber or sage incense
3 pieces of rope or twine, 5" to 8" in length
3 small bowls
Purified or filtered water
3 whole bay leaves
Sea Salt
1  Red Apple

Preparation:  Wear black while performing this ritual, and play your favorite self-empowerment music, songs that reflect personal independence and freedom. This spell is most effective when performed on a Tuesday or Thursday, or under a new Moon.

The Ritual:  Begin by placing the three candles in front of you, left to right: blue, green then yellow. Place a small bowl in front of each candle. Fill the center bowl with purified or filtered water. Light the amber incense wand and then with the wand, light each candle. In the first bowl, place the three bay leaves, then set the smokey quartz crystal on top of them.  Set the apple in the third bowl. Lay the three pieces of rope, scissors and salt container in front of the middle bowl.

Remove one of the bay leaves from the first bowl, sprinkle it with salt, and then drop it into the water bowl. Focus on the blue candle, holding the smokey quartz crystal in your left hand while you meditate on the relationship you are ending. This will enable you to clear any communication or compelling thoughts to stay connected to the person you are releasing to the past.

Next, pull another bay leaf from the first bowl and repeat the process, focusing on the green candle. Continue to hold the crystal in your left hand, and meditate on the emotional aspects of the relationship; how it made you feel, and what was lacking in the heart aspects of this connection.
This will help you release any pent up or lingering feelings you are still carrying about this relationship.

Third, take the last bay leaf and repeat the process, this time focusing on the yellow candle and meditating on drawing your personal power back to you, where it belongs.

Once you have finished this process, pick up the 3 pieces of rope or twine, and one at a time, cut them in half into the water bowl. With the first cut, say out loud, "I sever all communication and intellectual ties with _________.
With the second cut, say out loud, "I sever all emotional ties with _________.
On the third and final cut, say out loud, "I sever all spiritual ties with _________  and call my personal power back to me.

To complete the ritual, pick up the apple and with each bite, think of one reason you are grateful this relationship is completed. Continue this process until the apple is consumed.

(For additional power in bringing this relationship to a close you may want to add the "Freezing Spell" located in the Spiritual Protection Spells and Rituals section below.)