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Afterlife Visitations by Animals

dog heaven Artby Allen and Linda Anderson

Animal communicator Marta Williams writes, I believe that animals stay close to us in spirit long after they’ve left their bodies. We have received hundred of letters from people whose animal companions made their presence known in an unmistakable way after death. Following are many of the most frequently reported ways in which animals remind people that only the physical body leaves at death, and that the spirit and love live on. I think they do this to help us get through the experience.

People have recounted events with animals who, after death:

  • Scratch or knock at the door
  • Pad or make the sound of clicking claws along floors
  • Press against the person’s body with a definite feeling of weight
  • Shake the bed as if jumping on or off it
  • Purr, meow, bark, or snore audibly enough for more than one person to hear
  • Leave paw prints or food around bowls
  • Make a depression in the bed linens where they used to sleep
  • Emit a burst of familiar scent in places that were previously free of pet odor
  • Drop a favorite toy, which has been put away or lost, in a spot where it will be easily found
  • Set off some kind of electrical charge that causes a clock alarm to go off, lights to flicker, or the telephone to ring at the same time as the death or burial occurred
  • Appear as a glow of golden light or in a light-body so real that the person tries unsuccessfully to touch it
  • Lick or kiss the person’s skin or tickle with whiskers
  • Seem to appear in spirit as a sign or symbol of life after death, such as a butterfly or rainbow, on a significant day or time

Entire books have been written about people’s experiences with after-death visitations from animals. One of the best is Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan. Sheridan researched and wrote her book over a six-year period and assembled hundreds of highly credible accounts. She writes, It is my intention that others will be comforted by the overwhelming evidence of life after death for animals…[and] the highly substantiated notion that our loved ones never really die, no matter their species, no matter their size.

Based on the book, Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals, Copyright 2005, 2008 by Allen and Linda Anderson. Reprinted with permission of New World Library, Novato CA, 800/972-6657 ext. 52.

Allen and Linda Anderson are the founders of the Angel Animals Network, inspirational speakers, and bestselling authors of Angel Cats, Angel Dogs, Angel Dogs with a Mission, Rescued, and Angel Animals. They share their home in Minneapolis with a family of animals and donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their books to animal welfare organizations. For more information on their work, check out their website, angelanimals.net.

Amazing Story Contest for the Week of February 17, 2014

cutedog[title size=”2″]Pet Psychic Explains Comforting Dream of Departed Dog[/title]
by Jennifer

We recently lost our beloved dog of more than 13 years, Maxie. It has been a great hardship for our family, for we love her so much. She was sick for awhile and her body was shutting down. It has been almost two months since we lost her, and home doesn’t feel like home without her.

I had been asking for a dream about her since her passing, but nothing was happening. I wanted to know if she was happy. About a week ago, I finally had that dream.

In the dream, I was outside, calling her. I looked across the street and saw her coming down a path with a few people, looking very happy and being very social. I was a little jealous about seeing her happy without me. I called to her to come, but there was traffic coming and going, and I was afraid she couldn’t cross without getting hit. At last she made it and was sitting by me. I spent some time petting her, saying, Good girl!

I shared this dream with a friend who is a pet psychic. She told me Maxie was showing me that she crossed over and was very happy. She was also showing me that no barrier could stop her (not even traffic), and that she comes to see me. It made me feel so at peace to know that our Maxie girl is in a better place.

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Advice: Connect with Departed Loved Ones in Dreams

throughfogDear Kajama:
In a recent email reply to me, you stated that there are many things that I can do to both remember my dreams and to consciously manifest the dream experiences I desire. (I very much want to connect with a departed loved one via my dreams, but I doubt that I dream at all since I can never remember my dreams.) Can you please elaborate and help me understand how I can work with my dreams so that I can be successful in connecting with my beloved angel Sam? I desperately want to dream of him so that I can be with him one more time. Thanks for all of your help.

Dear Del:

There is a definite correlation between our ability to remember and work with our dreams and our ability to manifest other psychic experiences like connecting with departed loved ones. In fact, a great way to begin to develop psychically is by working with your dreams. Since you also want to visit with a loved one in your dreams, then learning how to work with your dreams in a general way is where we should start.

While many people believe that they don’t dream because they can’t remember dreaming, everyone does dream. What you need to do is build a stronger bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, for this is at the heart of remembering and working with your dreams and also psychic feats like tuning in to your intuition and learning how to connect with spirits.

I will give you my number one most powerful tip for remembering your dreams in detail first: allow yourself to wake up and fall asleep many times every morning. If you allow yourself to linger in that hazy state of mind somewhere between being asleep and dreaming and being wide awake, you will begin to remember all sorts of dreams. If you can’t sleep in because you must be somewhere at a certain time, then set your alarm for 90 minutes before you have to get up and hit the snooze button over and over. This one practice alone should get things really rolling for you, but here are some other tips for remembering your dreams:

  • Don’t drink alcohol before bed.
  • Record your dreams by writing down everything you can remember of them and their overall feeling as soon as you wake up. If you wake up at 2 a.m. remembering a dream, jot down a couple of key words to help you remember it in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, review those scribbles and write down the rest. If you can’t remember dreaming in the morning, then write down your mood when you awaken and anything else that comes to mind. Try stream of consciousness journaling.
  • Most of us only remember the last dream we had, so to remember more dreams, you can also try programming yourself to wake up periodically throughout the night. As the average sleep cycle is around 90 minutes, you might set an alarm to wake you up every hour and a half or so, at least during the second half of the night when your need for deep sleep has been met and you’ll be spending more time in REM.
  • When you awaken in the morning, don’t open your eyes or change position. Being in the same position you were in when you were dreaming aids dream recall.
  • Read about dreams, especially at night before you’re going to sleep. I highly recommend books by my favorite author on dreams, Robert Moss. He also teaches wonderful workshops around the world.
  • Tell the Universe what you want, and work with the law of attraction to manifest it.

There are of course some very powerful ways to both build that bridge between your subconscious and conscious minds and to foster your aim of connecting with a loved one in Spirit. One is regular meditation, and the other is learning how to astral travel. There are vast and wonderful books written on both of these subjects, so I won’t go into details here. I do, however, want to recommend the books of Bruce Moen, who travels into the dimension of the afterlife to connect with departed loved ones and help lost spirits. You can learn how to astral travel and find the one you’re looking for yourself.

I was pondering this column as I was falling asleep last night, and I realized that I hadn’t been visited in my dreams by my father in some months now. I then awoke around 2 a.m. and realized I had just had a wonderful dream. In the dream, I was invited/allowed to ride this special train with my father. I couldn’t really see him, but I could feel him all around me. There was music playing throughout the train, and it was the music of my beautiful memories of him. I rode this train for a long time, much of that time, crying tears of love and joy as I listened to the music of those beautiful memories. I remember knowing that I was allowed to ride this train for as long as I desired, so I rode and rode that train, listening and crying and reliving those memories. When I awoke, I had this deeply satisfied feeling, like my desire for more time with my Dad had at last been satisfied. I also repeated to myself, Dad, train, music every time I awoke throughout the night so I would be sure to remember this important dream in the morning.

Finally, I’m working on a system to teach people both how to connect with their loved ones in dreams and in a trance state. Given that I’m quite a perfectionist, it’s proving to be quite a challenge. Stay tuned; I will get it done one day!

– Kajama hearticontiny

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