Amazing Story Contest for the Week of February 17, 2014

cutedog[title size=”2″]Pet Psychic Explains Comforting Dream of Departed Dog[/title] by Jennifer

We recently lost our beloved dog of more than 13 years, Maxie. It has been a great hardship for our family, for we love her so much. She was sick for awhile and her body was shutting down. It has been almost two months since we lost her, and home doesn’t feel like home without her.

I had been asking for a dream about her since her passing, but nothing was happening. I wanted to know if she was happy. About a week ago, I finally had that dream.

In the dream, I was outside, calling her. I looked across the street and saw her coming down a path with a few people, looking very happy and being very social. I was a little jealous about seeing her happy without me. I called to her to come, but there was traffic coming and going, and I was afraid she couldn’t cross without getting hit. At last she made it and was sitting by me. I spent some time petting her, saying, Good girl!

I shared this dream with a friend who is a pet psychic. She told me Maxie was showing me that she crossed over and was very happy. She was also showing me that no barrier could stop her (not even traffic), and that she comes to see me. It made me feel so at peace to know that our Maxie girl is in a better place.

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