Amazing Story Contest for the Week of January 20, 2014

[title size=”2″]Lavender Roses[/title] lavenderosesby Yvonne

My husband passed away in early November of this year after a brief illness. He was my best friend and soulmate. During the last ten days of his life, we were staying at a beautiful hospice. We had many visitors and several bouquets of lovely yellow roses, which were a family emblem.

During one of his moments of clarity, I asked him if he would let me know if he was okay after he passed over, and he said he would. We have both had a very strong spiritual connection over our 27 years together, and I truly believed.

The day after he died, I was feeling so desolate. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter had been with me for part of the day, and then I had left the house for a while. When I came back, sitting on the table was a beautiful bouquet of lavender roses and white snapdragons. My daughter had brought them in when I was out. The tag said that they were from a childhood friend of my son’s who could not attend the celebration of my husband’s life but wanted to show that he cared. He had said to my son, I hope she likes purple roses.

My tears flowed and a beautiful feeling of love and peace came over me. None of them could have known that the special love roses that my husband and I gave to each other over the years were lavender. For me, this was a loving message from my husband through my son’s friend to indeed let me know that he was okay.

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