Month: October 2016

Tarotcast for the Week of October 31, 2016


Week of October 31 - November 6, 2016

Join me each week as I flip the cards and give you a general vibe of the week ahead through the lens of the Tarot!

Monday: The Magician
Happy Samhain! Stir your cauldron of magic today and honor your ancestors and protective spirits with altars set with the intention to peek into the coming year, and put up a powerful shield of security around your dreams. This is the witch’s new year, so you have a beautiful opportunity to enlist the help of your spiritual allies in your rituals between now and November 1st and hear, see and feel their guidance with vivid clarity as the veil between the worlds thins even further.

Tuesday: Nine of Wands
Your patience and resolve may be tested one more time, as the Universe makes sure you have what it takes to see this through to the end. Stick with it, and let no one stop you from reaching the finish line. If you can follow through, the rewards will be worth the effort. Just be prepared for one more go round in the cosmic ring before you punch out your opposition.

Wednesday: Six of Wands
You did it! The gods of the Universe are shining down their support and you are getting the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Something pans out, someone helps out in the 11th hour, and you experience the sweet taste of victory and acknowledgement on a job well done. Bask in this moment, you’ve earned it. If you’re still waiting to have your turn in the winner’s circle, work on a gratitude mindset and seeing the blessings that are all around you. Something is about to shift in a positive direction, once you open up to Universal flow and the opportunities that lie ahead with the right mindset.

Thursday: Seven of Cups
Choices. And more choices. What will you choose? Is each one right for you? Or do some require more research and analysis to ensure they meet your needs? Take your time with this and don’t make a decision with your rose colored glasses on. Sit with your facts, figures and heart to cut through the confusion and see with clear sight forward.

Friday: King of Cups
Have you been reacting from an emotionally charged place? The King of Ghosts is helping you reign in your emotions so you can have more balance and composure. Don’t allow others to push your buttons. Instead, remain in emotional control and operate from a place of compassion, love and understanding.

Saturday: Three of Pentacles
It’s time to join forces with others who can see your vision into fruition. How can you collaborate and partner up with someone who has the skills that you don’t? Is it time to work with a mentor? Join a meet up? Or is it constructive feedback you’re seeking on your next idea or project? The timing is right to explore your options and creatively feed the muse that lies within.

Sunday: The Devil
What is holding you back from shining your brilliance? What are the ways by which you self sabotage or dim your own light with self doubt and criticism? Explore the ways codependency, addiction, old memories and situations with others are creating blocks in your life. If there is a fear of stepping onto a new stage, into a new light or writing the next chapter of your life, now is the time to do some healing and face those demons head on. The Boogeyman only exists inside your head and the only one who can hold you back is you.

Tarot Blessings!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at

Numerological Forecast for November 2016

February 2016 Numerological Forecast

Happy November!

A Cosmic Doorway of Opportunities
November breaks down to a 11/2 universal month in numerology, revealing a doorway to new opportunities for growth. What you focus on will determine what you can manifest this month. So think about what you want to bring into tangible form and engage in a Flow dreaming session to align your emotions with your dreams. You’ll find great power in pouring your feelings into activities that nourish your spirit.

Your Feelings = Your Emotional GPS System
When you reduce the 11 to its root, you step into the vibration of the 2 this month. The 2 energy activates the magic of the High Priestess Tarot card by heightening your intuition to connect with your Angelic team for guidance. So work with that card this month to channel intuitive hits that may come through dreams, meditation, automatic writing or an afternoon drinking tea and tossing a few oracle cards. If something doesn’t feel right, trust how you’re feeling and turn the page. You can rely on your hut (heart + gut) to navigate the waters and follow the choices that resonate with where you envision yourself in the future. Need to send for reinforcements? Send a Bat signal and be open to the ways that your Guides will be answering the call!

The Spotlight’s on Relationships
Because of the 2 vibration, heightened emotional sensitivity may run rampant this month. So, this is a beautiful time to create more harmony and balance in the relationships that matter most. If someone’s been feeling neglected or prone to taking things the wrong way, now’s the time to practice being more sensitive to their needs and give them some TLC to make them feel important and appreciated. You can work on taking a relationship to the next level or deepening a commitment this month too.

Mending Fences
Under the holiday spirit of compassion and empathy, use the 11/2 universal month to tap into your spidey senses for the best ways to mend fences with people from your past, and carve out time for the BFFs who have seen you through the good and the bad. Communicate from an open heart. The 2 energy will also heighten your intuition to read between the lines and sense the emotional undercurrent of the situations around you. If people seem more sensitive than usual, just hold the space for them to be heard and feel understood. You can navigate any verbal landmines by using tact and care in your delivery of your message.

The Romance Angels are on Standby
If you’re single or looking for romance, Cupid will strike a match and light up your love life by encouraging you to say yes to social events, parties and sign up for matchmaking sites. With your spidey senses at an all time high this month, trust your first impressions and ask your Guides for signs that you’re on the right track.

Tap into the energy of the Tortoise this month
With all of the Thanksgiving shopping, party planning and social events on the calendar, we must also be mindful of the the messages of this 2 universal cycle. In plain english? It encourages you to slow down, be patient with the long lines and heavy holiday traffic. Take your time getting from point A to point B, and if you can, avoid the crazy town at the mall by shopping for your goodies online whenever you can. Empaths – stay grounded, balanced and clear. And remember to smudge + Florida spray your space to keep the good vibes and calmness flowing.

As you can see, there’s a widespread theme of patience throughout the month of November; patience with yourself and needing to be flexible should plans change. So, if you need to go out of town, book your flights early and RSVP to any major social events so your name is securely set on the highly sought after guest list.

It’s Okay to Pull Back into Your Shell
Has stress or nervous tension been an unwelcome visitor in your life this month? Maybe your idea of rocking out the holidays is just laying low with a small group of friends and a binge fest of your favorite shows on Netflix. You can totally make your home the peace + tranquility zone if you send out your e-vites ahead of time, under the theme of a potluck dinner. Want to score brownie points? Whip up a batch of tasty treats and always make sure your cupboards are well stocked with your crew’s favorite snacks, so you can just unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Here's to a month of Love and Harvest!

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at Ask



Crystal Wisdom November Forecast

Lather, rinse, repeat. You can expect a spiritual cleansing to take place this month as the Sun dives deep into the dark waters of Scorpio. Just like the waters of the ocean, Scorpio energy can cleanse you in a salt bath and strip you bare of any energetic residue that's not in alignment with your truth. That's what Scorpio's all about: Digging deep beneath the surface for answers and allowing Spirit to illuminate the truth when we may be distracted by the daily grind. Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite are known stones of intuition, so angelic messages can come through clearly and guide you with wisdom and strength. Use either of these stones to open up your third eye and help bring understanding to the insights gathered from dreams. With the Sun in Scorpio until November 22, the veil between the worlds will be at its thinnest, allowing your ancestral spirits and Divine allies to speak to you via the dream realm, so Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite can be the perfect tools to enhance your clarity. The Scorpio cycle is also a great time for healing by purging what no longer supports your growth. Meditate with Amethyst to stand strong in your intuitive truth and to absorb or clear out the negativity associated with a situation. If you think a past life may hold the key to healing, use it in conjunction with third eye chakra work to bring awareness to the lessons a certain incarnation may have for you. Looking to add a boost of moon magic to your rituals this month? With Scorpio demanding the cosmic spotlight, you may experience some intense emotional moments and need to call on your Angelic team for help. Channel those raw emotions into your full moon rituals with the help of Moonstone. It will help keep your emotions in check so you can be focused and mentally clear throughout the month! Crystal Blessings! Zuri Eberhart
  Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at