Month: July 2016

Numerological Forecast for August 2016

February 2016 Numerological Forecast

Welcome to August!

Up level your game in life ...

How have you been standing in your power and going for your dreams? With August breaking down to a 17/8 universal month, we are really feeling that 8 energy at play in our lives, enforcing not only better boundaries but the chutzpah to move mountains and grab our cosmic jackpot.

This is your time to up level your game and explore how to live a life that’s beyond anything you ever allowed yourself to wish for. Let no one hold you back. If they’re not on board with your 5 year plan, the 8 vibration’s calling you to focus on how to create more abundance in all areas of your life by working with the 9 world year magic to release what’s not in alignment.

Translation? If there are any power imbalances, the 9 universal year steps in to help you heal any issues around your ability to create multiple streams of income, build self worth and find beauty in the physical body all month long.

Explore what you value and re-define old narratives for healing + success.

Essentially, this 8 numeric cycle asks you to explore what you value and make positive changes that activate material success and abundance. Scarcity mindsets? Begone! Challenge the thought patterns that focus on lack and create a shift in thinking and behavior that reflects the person you can be proud of. Old money or relationship narratives keeping you stuck? August inspires you to re-define those stories, so you can execute a plan of action that transforms the problems into tangible solutions.

Ultimately, August offers more opportunities to advance in your career, grow your business and gain public recognition. Looking to invest in new property? The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can achieve as long as you keep your eye on the prize and are willing to put in the work to see it to fruition.

Self-care and physical health are key.

However… Before you prepare for total world domination in your industry, make sure you are also taking care of your physical needs, as health issues may arise if you are not taking time out to breathe and check in with your body during all this go, go, go time. Work hard, but remember that you also need down time for self care.

As the month unfolds, if you listen carefully, the answers will be felt within your body. Any imbalances or untruths will come through as a physical manifestation, from weight fluctuations to inflammation of some sort. Pay attention to how your body reacts to emotional triggers from the environment. These responses will ultimately provide valuable insights into what is really going on within and around you.

This month encourages moving that energy out of your body through healthy diet, exercise, and some type of therapeutic massage. As we are on the tail end of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have the power to clear out any junk from our lives so we have room for the abundance and prosperity that we really want in our sacred space come Autumn.

Work with the Hathor for self care.

The power of the Egyptian goddess Hathor is behind you this month when you evoke the beauty that lies within. Treat your body like a temple with loving rituals of self care, nurturing and wellness. When you truly feel beautiful, you will radiate self confidence that is intoxicatingly attractive to everyone you come in contact with. Anchor Mother Earth energy through your feet and clear out any root chakra debris through physical healing therapies and spending time soaking up tree medicine.

Boost your money mojo on the new moon.

Ready to boost your money mojo? Kick start your money rituals on the Leo New Moon August 2nd by working with candle magic, floor washes, and lodestones to attract the prosperity that you seek. Affirm an energy dump of any poverty mindsets by clearing out old stories that do not honor your truth.

Put new systems and practices in place to build upon your newfound financial security.

Pay attention to the duality behind this month’s 8 vibration. What do I mean by that? Make sure that just as you are attracting in good fortune, that you are also taking care to keep your financial house in order by not overspending or incurring more debt under  this energetic cycle. Ritual tip: Sometimes it’s not what you make but how much you can keep. So, make sure you have some money stay with me rituals going alongside the money draw magic you’re doing.

Why? Because karmic balance is also being highlighted in August. If you have not been using sound judgment with your budget and lifestyle, be prepared to pay the piper at some point down the road. Use that energy more productively by meeting with your financial advisor to establish a strong financial foundation, pay down your debt and discuss how to avoid costly mistakes moving forward.

Reflect on these Astro Transits:

With Venus and Mercury joining forces in Virgo, we are asked to think about how aligned we are with our career as our life’s work. Are you working a job simply for the paycheck or is it something that feeds your soul’s calling for service? Venus will teach you that when you are pursuing a vocation that you love, the money will follow. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to find the right job and watch the magic happen.

A word to the wise: With all of this personal power showering your solar plexus, you may feel the urge to be blunt and speak your truth unfiltered. Show restraint. Avoid the verbal minefields under the shadow of the Mercury retrograde that hits our orbits mid month by simply using tact and diplomacy in your daily interactions. You can still win the war by adopting the lessons of the 8th card in the Tarot: Strength. Kill them with kindness. Above all else, choose your words carefully and you’ll stay clear of any conflicts and ego trips headed your way.

To your moxie!

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at Ask

Crystal Wisdom for August 2016


Crystal Wisdom for August 2016

Aries: Chrysoprase
This month’s Venus retrograde may have you questioning the level of your love tank and where it’s been depleted by people pleasing and not nurturing your needs. Chrysoprase will help you open your heart chakra, silence the mental goblins and boost your self-worth to attract the love and support you crave.

Taurus: Snowflake Obsidian
Are you considering a leap of faith but freaked out about how it will pan out? Carry a Snowflake Obsidian to give you the courage to blast through any doubts and shine your road ahead with clarity and confidence. Trust in your power to shift through any fear based thinking, and see the jewels of potential lining your pathway.

Gemini: Malachite
With the love planet Venus crawling backwards, this month may bring lessons from your relationship sector. If an ex or someone from your past knocks on your door, it would be wise to look at the patterns you’ve been repeating and stop the bus from re-entering crazy town. Malachite offers the protection you need to exercise some tough love and look out for your heart’s best interests.

Cancer: Red Tiger’s Eye
It’s time to activate your entrepreneurial spirit and search for ways to grow your bottom line. Maybe it’s taking that hobby and turning into cold, hard cash by opening up an Etsy shop. This month, brainstorm on how to take those ideas to the next level with an online course, e-book or polish that manuscript and get it in the hands of the right people. Whatever the dream, reach for the stars and go for it!

Leo: Blue Howlite
Trust in your abilities to move past your own limitations this month. You have a well of power within to lead, command and be brilliant. Step into that power place and own the stage, Leo! You have the skills and gifts to really make your mark in the world.

Virgo: Amazonite
Be prepared to stand up for yourself this month and be heard. You may want to do some Tarot magic with the Seven of Wands to transform conflict into peace and resolution. Your message is important, so get it out there by vlogging, writing articles or giving a talk to inspire change within your community. Call upon Archangel Gabriel when working with Amazonite to strengthen the energy of this crystal and add extra oomph to your cause.

Libra: Aquamarine
Could your intuition use a boost? Place a crystal grid of Aquamarine underneath your bed to allow for your dreams to reveal deeper psychic insights into the week’s concerns. Aquamarine can also be very emotionally cleansing and balancing, which makes it the perfect crystal when you are interacting with others and you need to do an energy dump at the end of the day.

Scorpio: Red Carnelian
It’s time to act action and let your creativity flow in new directions! Red Carnelian fires up your mojo to achieve new goals and have the courage to see change through to the end. When you feel like you’re running out of fuel, work with Carnelian to inspire you to open new creative doors and motivate you to start over. Anything is possible for you this month if you open your heart and mind to the possibilities!

Sagittarius: Smoky Quartz
How’s your protection bubble this month? When the incessant chatter of what’s going on with the people around you is weighing you down or affecting your productivity, call upon Smoky Quartz to create your own crystallized version of a fiery wall of protection around your mind and your energetic space. Work with it to ground you and keep you focused on the task at hand: world domination.

Capricorn: Black Tourmaline
August calls you to explore the health of your root chakra and how you are creating security for yourself. If life situations or people are causing unnecessary drama or chaos in your orbit, work with Black Tourmaline to ground you back in reality and what matters.

Aquarius: Hematite
Let’s look at your home wards this month, Aquarius, and assess what needs to be smudged, cleared out and re-fortified. Strategically placing some Hematite and Clear Quartz crystals in your home as an added layer of defense and energetic support.

Pisces: Red Jasper
Pump up the volume on your moxie, Pisces! Red Jasper will energize and empower you to confront issues with success this month. Single? Known as a stone of endurance, you can use it to blow away the competition. Use Red Jasper to channel southern charm and win the affections of that person you’ve had your eye on.

Crystal Sparkles!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at

Daily Inspirational Quote for July 31, 2016


“The door you open to give love, is the very one through which love arrives.”

Lovely, isn’t it? Makes sense too. If we keep ourselves closed off from allowing love access, i.e. keeping our own personal “door to love” firmly shut, then how is love ever going to gain entry? It’s obviously not is it and, let’s face it, we all need love in our lives. Love is like the rain that falls and nourishes the earth and everything that grows upon it. It encourages us all to reach for our own personal sunshine and bask in the knowledge that we love and are loved in return. I believe the world would be a much better place if only each and every one of us who inhabit it allowed love to flourish.

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