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Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 25, 2017


December 25 through December 31, 2017

Whew! We made it through a pretty busy week, so this is that time of space between Christmas and the start of a new year where we can catch our breath and start looking toward the future. All is quiet on the astrological front this week, and we’ll celebrate Christmas under a loving Pisces Moon. Take it easy while you can, because the Aries Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday will have us shopping the sales, clearing out the wrappings and regrouping after company or travels. The grounding point of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday as a Taurus Moon encourages us to get things in order and start preparing for 2018. Take this opportunity, because once we hit the weekend we’ll be socializing once again under the Gemini Moon, as we have one more holiday to celebrate before we can start charting a course for the new year! Have a safe and joyous holiday everyone and I wish you amazing things over the coming months!

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Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 18, 2017


December 18 through December 24, 2017

Okay! Let’s all get our holiday “running shoes” on, because along with the seasonal chaos that proceeds a holiday, we’ve got a ton of celestial movement happening at the same time this week! Things kick off Monday with a Sagittarius new Moon, shifting our attention to the celebrations at hand! On Tuesday, Saturn will move into Capricorn, the sign it rules, and have us getting down to business, finishing up work, glancing at the new year ahead and resolutions we want to make, as well as completing holiday preparations. We’ll get a breather on Wednesday, but on Thursday, the Sun will make its annual trek into Capricorn, setting off a month of discipline, fresh starts and enterprising activities. Just in time for the holidays, Mercury will resume direct motion on Friday, though it has been known to cause some chaos for a week or so after it turns, so be sure to keep an eye out for miscommunication or misplaced Christmas gifts! Venus joins the party in Capricorn on Sunday, evoking our love of family and the holiday spirit. Let’s all practice a bit of caution as we move through this scattered and challenging week to assure our holidays are safe and sound!