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Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 22, 2018


January 22 through January 28, 2018

Action is the name of the game this week, with the highlighted planetary change being Mars’ move into fiery Sagittarius on Friday. Mars does well in this assertive sign, and will spend the next eight weeks inspiring our athletic and enterprising sides. It’s also a wonderful combination for creative activities and pursuits of the heart. The Aries Moon will kick off the week with an energizing punch, as we all get ready to sail through a fun and productive week. By the time the Moon moves into Taurus on Wednesday, we’ll have a plan of action and all the elements we need to make tangible progress. Get ready to socialize and chat the weekend away under the Gemini Moon, which promotes conversation and intellectual pursuits of all kinds, whether online, via phone or text, or even, (dare I say it?) in person!

Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 15, 2018


January 15 through January 21, 2018

We’ll get a perspective and “attitude” adjustment this week thanks to a Capricorn new Moon on Tuesday (fresh starts in the area of work and enterprise), Venus dances into Aquarius (think out of the box and explore your passions with depth), and the Sun exits Capricorn for inventive and innovative Aquarius on Friday. Monday and Tuesday are all about the work, and will surely be our most productive days of the week. Once the Moon and Venus move into Aquarius on Wednesday, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen next! Feel free to embrace the excitement in the air as new ideas, interests and passions fill our heads. The Sun will join the party on Friday, kicking off a four week period where we can break out of our comfort zones, dance to the beat of a different drummer, restore and create new friendships and start looking at the possibilities with new hope. Remember, the theme song for Aquarius is “To Dream the Impossible Dream” and make it come true!

Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 8, 2018



January 8 through January 14, 2018

This is the week we get back on track! With the holidays behind us and a new year in front of us, it’s time to get moving! The highlight to watch for this week is on Wednesday when Mercury joins the party of planets in Capricorn. The planet of communication likes to get down to business, so our thoughts will be on fortifying our new commitments and raising the stakes in finance, security and job options. Capricorn is also a good sign for real estate and moving, so if you’re ready to sell your home or buy a new one, this is the time! Monday’s Libra Moon encourages us to embrace the balance of getting back to a schedule, while the midweek Scorpio Moon asks us to look a little deeper to get to the bottom of any areas that we find confusing or ethereal. The weekend promises to be easy going and fun thanks to the Sagittarius Moon, which reminds us to keep things light-hearted and not take ourselves (or others!) too seriously.