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Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 20, 2017


March 20 through March 26, 2017


Welcome to Spring (Autumn in the southern hemisphere) and the first day of the Astrological New Year! The Sun take the spotlight in Aries on Monday, moving us out of the shadows and into the light this week. With a predominance of planets in fire signs, it’s time to shake off the dust (a spring cleaning pun) and get moving once again. The Capricorn Moon leads the march into the astrological new year, as it makes the first three days of the week quite productive. Thursday and Friday’s Aquarius Moon will turn our thoughts to the sweeping changes we can now make, and the inventive side of this aspect will show us how to move around blocks and red tape in our efforts to push forward. We’ll tend to slow down a bit over the weekend, as the Pisces Moon calls for internal action rather than assertive motion; this is the perfect time to align our spirits with our hearts and minds as we enter the next phase of our development and journey to wholeness. As we stand at this crossroads of the past and the future, let’s make a concentrated effort to take note of the present moments, to assure that we’re prepared as possible for the transformation that’s about to occur.


Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 13, 2017


March 13 through March 19, 2017

The Sun spends its last week in Pisces, and except for Mercury’s entry into Aries on Monday, things are pretty quiet on the celestial front. Mercury will have us formulating plans for the future as it begins its three week tour through the sign of the Ram, so grab your Ipads and tablets and start making lists: We’ll be approaching the astrological new year (which begins when the Sun moves into Aries next week), so this is your third chance this year to make resolutions and start planning for change! Monday and Tuesday are all about balance under the Libra Moon, while the remainder of the work week unfolds beneath a Scorpio Moon. Translation? If there’s anything of an intense or detailed nature that you want to get off your desk this week, aim for Thursday and Friday to get it completed. The weekend is all about fun as the Moon dances through Sagittarius - make plans to get out and socialize or set up some Facetime or Skype get-togethers with friends and loved ones far away. It’s always a good idea to perform a rebirth ritual before the astrological new year and season change, so set aside some time on Sunday night to prepare for new beginnings!


Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 6, 2017


March 6 through March 12, 2017

Let’s keep things as simple as possible this week, as making adjustments and looking a bit closer at our emotions will be a theme. With a Cancer Moon overhead on Monday and Tuesday, we could find it a bit difficult to focus, and our main priority will be family and home. We’re in the throes of Pisces, so flexing our spiritual muscles will prove a lot more effective than trying to push through blocks or change the world on a material level. We’ll feel this even more strongly as Mars moves into Taurus on Thursday and spends the next two months insisting we make our physical well-being and financial stability our primary concerns. We’re also under a waxing Virgo full Moon this week, where this grounded and detailed earth sign appears to be in direct conflict with the ethereally based Pisces Sun. Even though this combination seems to be a contradiction, the goal of the full Moon is to get us to release the idea that we are limited by the physical world, because with the Sun in Pisces, the true message is that all things are possible! So let go of the idea that nothing is going to change, and focus on the spiritual tenet that the first step to fulfillment is to dream the impossible dream! On that note, here’s a reminder we’ll have one less hour to dream when Daylight Savings time resumes on Sunday morning in the United States, so don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour.