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Inspirational Quote for September 17, 2017


“When nothing goes right….Go left.”

This made me laugh while, at the same time, I wondered about the meaning. I guess it is just telling us that, at those times when nothing seems to be going right for us, maybe we need to consider changing direction. I do believe that, if something we’re trying to accomplish is beset by continual delays, problems, disappointments, then perhaps “something” is trying to tell us that we need to think again. So, maybe going left or just in another direction from our original planned path, might prove more successful? Only time will tell if we have “got the message.”

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Inspirational Quote for September 16, 2017


“The older I get, the less I care about what people think of me. Therefore the older I get, the more I enjoy life.”

It’s wonderful and, trust me, it does set you free. During most of my earlier life what other people thought of me really mattered and made a difference as to how I saw myself. However, with age comes a lot of unexpected blessings, one of which, is not giving a hoot what anybody else thinks of me. I love and enjoy my life just as it is, and try to live it to the full. I also do and say what I please nowadays and if other people don’t like it or agree with me well I just don’t care, so there!

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Inspirational Quote for September 15, 2017


“The best angle to approach any problem is the try-angle.”

Clever play on words don’t you think? Makes a lot of sense too. If you have a problem surely the best and most efficient way to deal with it is to actually be prepared to tackle it head on! What’s the alternative, pretend it’s not there? It won’t go away just because you’re ignoring it! In fact, in order to get your full attention, it will stand in your path and make itself as big and nasty as it can, ooo ‘er! So, don’t you think that the very sensible thing to do would be to try and make it go away while it is still small enough not to be as scary as it could be if you continue to ignore it? This is where the “try” comes in and the clue is in the word! Next time a problem rears its ugly head, try it and see.

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