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Daily Inspirational Quote for July 25


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Now doesn’t that just make perfect sense? I am a great believer in that old adage, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so, if there’s something I want to do, and I need someone else’s agreement, I ask! If I get turned down, at least I’m not always going to regret not asking and wondering about the outcome for a long time to come. If I get the green light, well done me for actually asking. That’s the “door.” Always be prepared to “knock” and ask and you just might be pleasantly surprised. What have you got to lose?

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Daily Inspirational Quote for July 24


“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”

Definitely! I believe that every one of us, no matter who we are or what kind of background or upbringing we had, all have our own unique gift or talent. The most advantageous and sensible route for us to take therefore is to realise this and take steps to use it to further our goals and ambitions in life. This is what defines us and how other people will perceive us, so we want to be the best we can in the eyes of the people who matter most to us, don’t we?

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Daily Inspirational Quote for July 23


“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Not something that ever occurred to me before I came across this quote but, when I did, it make perfect sense. It’s only natural that as we grow and mature into the person we become so our thoughts grow with us. We subconsciously allow our thoughts to shape us in what we come to believe and how we perceive the people or events we encounter on our journey through life. These thoughts become “who we are” and I, for one, never took the time to examine and explore just who I “am”. However, fortunately, for the past several years I have changed my thought pattern, mainly around what I am capable of achieving and what kind of person I ultimately want to be. Taking time to do this definitely changed my whole perception of my world. Perhaps time for some thought spring cleaning in your life….?

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