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Inspirational Quote for November 18, 2017


“Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

Of course it is, we all know that don’t we? That’s why it’s essential to ensure that we do learn from each and every one of the mistakes we all make and will make as we journey through life. There is always a lesson to be gained. Hopefully, the lesson we need to be learn will be an easy, straightforward, painless one. On the other hand, we may not be so fortunate and will find the learning process painful, frustrating and difficult. However, there will always be something for us in the experience, you can count on it.

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Inspirational Quote for November 17, 2017


“Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners quit when they’ve won.”

That sums up very nicely the difference between what makes a loser and what makes a winner. There’s no use aiming for success or achievement in something you’ve set your heart on if you’re prepared to stumble, fall and give up at the first hurdle is there? So now you know what you have to do. No matter how many hurdles, small, medium or large, you have to push yourself up and over, up and over, again and again, if you want to be a winner not a loser. Not easy I know, but what’s the alternative? Think about it.

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Inspirational Quote for November 16, 2017


“Your attitude determines your direction.”

I want you to picture your attitude as a steering wheel. Stay with me here…you’ve turned the key in the ignition and your “engine” is purring over nicely. You are ready to mirror, signal, maneuvre but, hold on a mo, what’s your destination? If you have no destination to aim for you aren’t going to get very far are you? Even if you do drive off you’ll be travelling aimlessly, fruitlessly and needlessly. However, if you know exactly where you are heading for, then it’s mirror, signal, maneuvre, and away you go! Thank you attitude!

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