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Manifest What You Truly Desire


by Melissa Kitto

How can you manifest what you truly want and desire? Many of us try hard to create the life we want, but somehow fall short. It can be frustrating to have goals and dreams in life but never quite manage to reach them. It is possible to ATTRACT everything you want in life and more, but there are some important principles that need to be in place for this to happen.

I struggled for years to move forward and make big changes in my life, but always seemed to end up in the same place I was before. Through experience, I've learned why this was happening and how to move past this stuck place. Here are the five essential keys to manifest what you truly desire.

1. Be clear about what you want.

It's not enough to set broad, overarching goals that aren't specific. You need to have clarity about what you desire. I am a very visual person, so a couple of years ago, I decided to make a vision board. I created this vision board in the way I saw everyone else doing it. I cut out pictures from magazines that were symbolic of what I wanted. I wanted to travel through Europe, so I found a picture of a European looking house and stuck it on the vision board. I wanted nice furniture for my home, so I found a cute looking living room and stuck it on the board.

The trouble is, these pictures weren't specific enough. I have no idea where that building is in Europe, or whether it's even in Europe! Perhaps it's in South America. And deep down, I knew that the picture of a living room wasn't really what I wanted my living room to look like. So there was a feeling of disconnect every time I looked at the vision board. It didn't work.

On New Years Day of 2010, I decided to do things differently. I got specific. I decided that I wanted to travel to Ireland, Scotland and France that summer, so I got on the internet and printed out pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Temple Bar in Dublin and Edinburgh Castle. Now I had the clarity I needed!

Seemingly without effort, I manifested the amount of money I needed for my husband, stepdaughter and I to go to Europe that summer. Because I was clear, it came to me!

Richard had wanted a motorcycle for some months, but he didn't know exactly which make and model he wanted to purchase so it wasn't clear. As soon as he decided he was going to buy a Honda ST1100, he found one, manifested just the amount of money he needed, and purchased it within a week! Coincidence? I don't think so.

2. Believe you can really have what you desire.

Writing down your goals or creating a vision board won't do any good whatsoever if deep down inside you don't really believe you can have the thing you desire. You need to be congruent with your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Start visualizing yourself already having the thing you want.

Here's a clue: If you can't see yourself having it when you visualize your goal, you don't truly believe it's possible to achieve it. For example, say you want a new car. You start to visualize yourself in the car and driving it and enjoying the plush leather seats and power steering. If you simply can't see yourself driving the car, your subconscious mind is revealing that you don't really believe it's possible to manifest the car.

If this is the case, you might need to start looking at what is really limiting you. It could be guilt, fear or shame.

3. Have an equal balance of spiritual and material goals.

We all desire to have material things in life, and that's great! Planet Earth is here to be enjoyed, but you can't take money or possessions with you when you pass on. All you can take with you is the spiritual growth and experiences you have had in this lifetime. This is your spiritual real estate, which grows each day.

Focusing on material things only feels empty, shallow and meaningless. Realize that for every material goal, there is a spiritual goal behind it. If you're not sure what the spiritual goal is, ask your angels to help.

For example, I have a goal to build an extension on my house. When I asked my angels what is the spiritual goal associated with this they answered: To have the discipline to create wealth and save it aside consistently for a period of months until the goal is achieved. To maintain my drive and enthusiasm for this project until it is completed.

I will have a tremendous amount of spiritual growth as I work toward this material goal. I would miss out on this experience if I didn't even try to achieve the goal. So, you can see how it is important to stretch for the things you want materially. You will grow tremendously from the process, and your angels will assist you in achieving that growth and changing in your life!

4. Don't feel guilty about having what you want.

It was about four years ago when I realized that I felt guilty about having more abundance in my life. I attended a retreat with Tiger Coll where he shared with us that if we want to fulfill our life purpose, we have to go after EVERYTHING we desire. That was a very new concept for me at the time. I started to realize how much I had been limiting myself.

Imagine going out and trying to earn a million dollars. How does this make you feel? What are the limiting thoughts that run through your mind when you think about it? This will give you a clue as to what is stopping you from achieving the abundant lifestyle you deserve.

Our blocks and limitations are usually deeply buried, but they'll start to come to the surface when you attempt to move out of your comfort zone. For me, the biggest one was guilt. I felt like someone else would miss out if I had more abundance. I'm learning that the more I help others, the more abundance I have, so I am not taking anything away from anyone else by having more. In fact, I am contributing to others in a big way!

5. Write down your goals.

You'll never attract what you desire if you don't know what it is in the first place. Start writing down your goals and put them in a place in your house where you will see them every day. The more you are reminded of your goals, the more you will attune your energy to that direction. They will come to you easily and effortlessly. All you have to focus on is being clear, direct, and taking action to move towards what you want.

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Trust and Develop Your Intuition


by Jim Tolles

The topic of intuition is such a central part of the spiritual path, in my humble opinion. Without that inner compass to guide you, there are so many external world things, messages, ideologies, and false prophets to lead you astray. But within each of us is that inner knowing that feels the deeper flow of where we are to go in our lives, that can help us make some of the most important decisions of our lives. Learning to trust it and develop it not only helps us to avoid big mistakes, but also to make the right kinds of errors from which we can learn and grow.

In this vein of thinking, I want to start first with defining what I call intuition.

Know Your Definitions

I never assume that any of us are using the same words. I encourage you to think the same with yourselves. Go within to really explore your assumptions about different terms such as God, intuition, spirituality, and so forth. People are often surprised by the fact that they have no idea what they mean when they use a term. God is a particularly troublesome noun. It really doesn't mean the same thing to any two people, and there are so many additional connotations layered on top that people are adverse to just using the term.

For the sake of understanding how I'm talking in this little article, God means the entirety of consciousness - everything. Spirituality is about learning to embrace the everythingness in each of us and to live from that deeper flow of awareness that is within us and all around us. Intuition is that purest point of inner connection that we have with that flow, and which can grow more pronounced and available to us as we let go of our fears, angers, constricting ideas and so forth.

Facing Your Fears

The best way to develop your intuition is to face your fears. It's simple, profound, and profoundly unsettling. I don't offer silver bullets in my spiritual teaching, and I encourage you to be wary of teachers, guides, psychics, and others who do. Spirituality is extremely simple, and yet we often make it incredibly hard on ourselves by adopting expansive ideologies, intricate rituals and spiritual techniques, and so on. But we are already That Which Is. We are already right here and now. Everything else is a layer or a lens built on top of that simple truth of divine being which we already are, and much of those layers are built upon our fears and misunderstandings.

Those fears inside of us were put there by us. So if we want to rid ourselves of those fears, we have to choose to let them go. Much of fear resides in the mind, although our emotions, psychic energy, and bodies also remember and store fear. But the mind is usually numero uno on our clean-up list. And this clean-up is critical if we want to hear our intuition and be able to clearly interpret it. Fear oftentimes acts like static in a microphone. So the message is still getting delivered no matter how fearful a person may be, but it gets so garbled that you don't really know what that intuition is saying. Of course, as we go deeper, we start to realize that we've always known what our intuition was saying,we just didn't like the message a lot of the time - but I'm getting ahead of myself.

One Little Step at a Time

Before you start trying to intuit major life changes, start simply. Start with getting a sense of what your body wants for dinner, or let yourself just drive by intuition and see where you end up. Practice on small issues, like which chores are most necessary to do around the house, and see what it feels like when you do those first. Do you feel more open and relaxed? There are all sorts of simple ways to play with intuition and keep it in a relaxed and easy space. That's when we're best able to hear our intuitions the clearest. The more tense and upset we get, the less everything flows (blood circulation, breath, energy, and intuitive knowings). The awakened space is about simply being, and there is no resistance there. But resistance will also be a great teacher for many of you, so when you start to get intuitions and you feel resistance, I encourage you to be curious about what is resisting and why.

Building Up to the Big Decisions

One of the big turning points for a lot of people in trusting their intuition is when they do something counter to what they think should be done, what is rational, or what otherwise appears to serve their interests. An example might be going to the hill for a hike, and then suddenly having an urge to completely turn around and head over to the donut shop. The ego might run in and say, But I really want to go for a hike, or I don't need to eat that junk food. It'll say a lot of things. The intuitive knowing that you have is a great illuminator of the ego. For the sake of this example, let's say you trust that knowing, and go to the donut shop.

From here, I can't tell you that you'll always be validated in trusting your intuition, but the divine seems to generally know that we have a lot of issues with faith and trust. So you'll usually get a few confirmations at key times in your life. However, at others, you'll never know what difference following your intuition made. For instance, if this was an example of avoiding something, perhaps turning around helped you stay out of a major car accident. Or maybe this hike was going to be too intense and you'd have a heart attack in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe you were going to get bitten by a rattle snake. By trusting the intuition, you probably will never know.

On the other hand, going to the donut shop, you may meet a wonderful new friend that you might not have met otherwise. Or perhaps you help to calm down a tense situation that might have escalated out of control with some people at the shop. You may simply have a chance to unwind so that you can meet the rest of your day with greater clarity. In this way, you might get a little validation for your intuition, but as you journey further down this path, external validations often get fewer and farther in between. However, you also tend to not be so concerned about getting that validation as you let go of the unconscious ego.

The Big Leaps of Faith

If you're fortunate, you will have been facing fears and releasing them while trusting your intuition more and more when life asks you to make a really big intuitive leap of faith. Maybe not. Life is as it is. But every now and then, we find ourselves at a major fork in the road. Everything we've been doing and thinking will be leading us one way, and that deeper intuitive impulse will say to go another. This is why meditation, journaling, and that deeper self inquiry are so important. The more you have sat in the quiet spaces of your soul, the clearer things may become.

And yet, they also may not. Life is not a clear and simple thing. It's messy. It will take us to life paths and life lessons that can be quite difficult, so I really want to emphasize that you don't think of the intuitive path - your true soul path - as necessarily an easy and luxurious one. There's a lot of laziness and lack of internal fortitude that Western Culture has fostered to create a lot of spoiled people always looking for the feel-good, easy way out. Your intuition is not that path. For the person who is to become a great diplomat, s/he may have to be around incredibly vitriolic and violent people. To be comfortable in that space may require the person has a lot of intense experiences and difficult lessons so that s/he can be at peace even in the worst situations to do the work of bringing peace to the world. And while most people's lives won't be so dramatic, I think this is an effective metaphor so that you can appreciate that the difficult path may be the right path for you at certain times.

No Pain, No Gain, Not Quite

Lest I leave you with the idea that developing your intuition will put you through an absolute meat-grinder, I will say that this isn't about needless suffering. On the spiritual path, we learn to face and release internal suffering. We learn to let go of fears. We learn that we are already that which is, and we learn to let go of anything that masks that being in us. This is where we find our intuition, and this is where we find that it has always been there. We don't get concerned about predicting the future or reading other people’s energy fields. This isn't a tool to be used as a toy; it is meant to bring you back to yourself. It is meant to bring you home.

So as you trust your intuition and act upon the intuitions that come to you, simply know that there will be difficult moments and easy moments, but it is always leading you back to your true self.

The above article has been printed here with the author's permission. Jim Tolles is a spiritual teacher, healer, and writer. He is the author of the ebook Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening. He teaches students around the world via online video conversations, and he blogs regularly at He currently resides in the U.S. in Northern California.


How to Transcend Difficult Emotions


by Jim Tolles

There's an unfortunate undercurrent to a lot of spiritual traditions that encourages us to repress or avoid difficult emotions. Spiritual transcendence is seen to mean that we no longer feel fear, anger or sadness, but this is grossly mistaken. Spiritual transcendence means that we are no longer controlled by fear, anger or sadness. If these emotions arise, we have learned to be with them and to let them go. We no longer find ourselves reactive and always trying to get away from the feelings that come from no other place but ourselves.

This may sound very advanced to many of you, but it's not. All of you have the capacity to transcend the reactive and unconscious nature of emotions, but it starts by really going into them to understand where they come from and why you choose (even on a very unconscious level) to experience them. Let's start with fear.

The Many Flavors of Fear

This is one buffet that most of us don't want to eat at, and yet, because we ignore our fears, get lost in them, or try to run away from them, it is the buffet we all seem to get forced to stand in line for. Let me be clear that facing these emotions doesn't mean wallowing in them. Fear tends to not be one that most of us want to stay in any longer than possible, but it's always possible to get stuck cycling fearful thoughts in our minds and then reacting from that space. It may not seem easy to break this inner cycling, which may feel like someone running around screaming, Fire! all the time, but you created this inner mental loop. That also means you have the power to break it and change it.

There are many levels of fear, but I'll speak to some core types. It's important, however, that you do your work to understand the system of fear within you. While we can drop all unconsciousness at any time when we are truly ready, most of us need to do a little work to understand things and let them go. So here are some thoughts on common fears:

Fear of death. We might as well start with the big one. Much of people's fears around money come from a fear of death, i.e. not having the means to survive. This is also why many people fear physical discomfort of any sort.

Fear of the unknown. This one probably also links back to fear of death in some ways. Fear of the unknown is also extremely common. It keeps people locked in familiar cycles even though they may be painful, miserable cycles in relationships, jobs, etc.

Fear of being alone. The fear of being alone is super common, especially on the spiritual path. But the ego creates this duality, and as we learn to feel our interconnectedness, this fear becomes an absurdity. In some ways, I also think it is linked to a fear of death because being alone means being separate from the community, which also can function as a survival support mechanism. Furthermore, this fear can be about lack of self-love and needing love from others.

The Heat of Anger

It can be helpful to view a lot of anger as stuck energy. It's like you needed to move, say something, or understand something, and you got caught in resistance. Usually, this is where fear is blocking you, but you have enough moving energy to churn up some additional heat. This is more often than not an anger at oneself. The more we become deft in understanding our emotions, the more we can notice how they stem from being out of integrity with ourselves. Sure, there are certainly awful things that happen in the world around us and to us, but most days, we are the source of our greatest torment. That can seriously piss off people.

While I can't overly generalize, anger can be met more effectively by getting a sense of what you need to do. For example, the man in a bad marriage who is getting increasingly angry may suddenly have to realize he's scared of being alone, and that's what's keeping him there when he knows he needs to take action to get a divorce. Or perhaps it's a fear of the unknown because he doesn't know how this change will affect the children, and he presumes that his getting a divorce will result in a bad outcome. The ego has all kinds of head trips that it likes to play, and it usually assumes that it can predict the future. But no one can accurately do that all the time, and part of the big lesson in all of this is having faith in your inner knowing when it is time to take action.

Wallowing in Sadness

Sadness is the emotion that people tend to like to wallow in. Certain types of egos love to feed off this vibration. They just love the poor me game and the pity they can receive. It's a putrid form of energy, but since this type of emotion generally doesn't think you are worthy of love, this seems to be the best that it can get. It can also be a way of abdicating power and allowing inaction.

For all the stillness and quiet meditation that happens on the spiritual path, a lot of that will incite you to be very dynamic and active in the external world. The world needs people taking conscious action, and that always starts with you. It really is a wonderful spiritual workout to clear out difficult emotions. It is ground zero for really understanding yourself and clearing space for clarity about what you need to do in the other areas of your life and this world. If you don't know you, you can't really see others and the world around you. Your sight becomes skewed by these undealt with emotions and stories. Your limited vision is an impediment to helping others, which is why dealing with these types of inner emotions is also a service to the world.

But before I digress too much, sadness is met the same way as the other emotions; you look at it. You sit with it. You listen to its story. Using the metaphor of sitting with a sick child works well here. Your awareness is so strong that the child immediately starts to heal as you sit with it in a non-reactive space. This can be intensely uncomfortable, however. The child may be screaming, snotting, and puking, and this is where we all learn how messy the spiritual path can get. But it does pass, and as you develop the inner fortitude to be with these messy emotions, you are also building up a greater capacity of patience and tenacity to be with whatever the outer world sends your way.

Letting Go of Being Positive

My parting shot on dealing with difficult emotions is to let go of a paradigm that sees some emotions as positive and others as negative. They are simply emotions. They all come and go. No type of emotion is any better than the other. Repressing the bad ones doesn't help you, and holding onto the good ones or chasing after them causes other problems. Transcending the ones we find most difficult simply means we create space to accept all emotions as they come and to let them go. Initially, there's usually a backlog of unexperienced and unacknowledged upset emotions. This is okay. For most people, it should be expected. But it is not beyond your capacities to confront, and that backlog will not last. Ultimately, we all can come into a new conscious emotional equilibrium that allows us to live fully from our hearts and to acknowledge fear, sadness, anger, and other unsettling emotions as simply passing clouds in the overarching skyline of our lives.

The above article has been printed here with the author's permission. Jim Tolles is a spiritual teacher, healer, and writer. He is the author of the ebook Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening. He teaches students around the world via online video conversations, and he blogs regularly at He currently resides in the U.S. in Northern California.