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Has the Age of Aquarius Arrived at Last?

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by Diana de Gunzburg and Tony Wild


This is the novel that lovers of astrology have been waiting for, a unique trilogy that has astronomy and astrology hard-wired into its plot. On the surface, it’s a thrilling adventure mystery story – but look more closely and you’ll find it’s based on a lunar timetable and has the relevant moon phase at the head of every one of its 170 chapters. The plot involves solar and lunar eclipses, calculations of the moon’s whereabouts based on longitude, latitude and the equation of time, as well as involving precession, equinoxes and the alignment of ancient monuments to celestial events. And it even stars a meteoritic diamond in the form of the sacred Moonstone diamond of the title, the arrival of which on earth ushers in the “Age of Aquarius”. Or does it..?

Eminent astronomers have been consulted during the writing of the book, including Professor Robert Kirschner, former president of American Astronomical Society, Fred Espenak of NASA and others, one of whom – Professor Anja Andersen from the Dark Cosmology Institute in Copenhagen – commented; ” ‘Why is the universe so suited to life?’ In successfully dramatising this compelling question, The Moonstone Legacy Trilogy takes the reader on a thrilling voyage of mind and imagination, yet at the same time keeps us firmly rooting for our brave, funny and funky heroine through all her terrifying ordeals.” (her full review is published on our website – as you’ll see, she’s very taken with the book’s educational potential both for adults and younger readers)

We’ve also had a terrific review from the astrological perspective from Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD (Doctor of Metaphysics), Psychic, Astrologer, Metaphysical Consultant. She writes…

“The Moonstone Legacy has been a wonderful adventure, and I have to say, the most entertaining and enlightening book I’ve read in years! From the moment I opened to the first chapter, I became a part of the story, not just a silent observer. I found myself studying the maps, reviewing the spiritual influences (as an astrologer and psychic with a doctorate in Metaphysics, I found the timing and alignment of events to be spot on) and responding to each twist and turn as if it were happening to me, in real time.

As I urged Lizzy on, I realized that it was as important to me as to her that she discover the hidden and mystical gifts to be revealed just a few pages ahead.

The Moonstone Legacy speaks to all of us on a deep and resounding level, reawakening the childlike wonder and unfettered courage we should all live our lives by. If you read nothing else this year, the transformational power of The Moonstone Legacy Trilogy is a must!”

But it’s not just professional astronomers and astrologers who’ve responded so favourably to the book – author William Dalrymple wrote:

“A most ingenious and imaginative sequel to my favourite Victorian novel”,  and celebrated children’s writer Michael Morpurgo commented: “A compelling East-West adventure… a sumptuous saga.”

We’re convinced that by introducing astronomical and astrological ideas in an uniquely exciting context, it’ll turn on many previously uninterested people to the real-world magic of the celestial world.

The Moonstone Legacy Trilogy was recently launched in one volume at the University Women’s Club in London with a speech by Professor Sara Russell, Head of Mineral and Planetary Sciences at the Natural History Museum, London. Her dramatic production of a vial of tiny meteoritic diamonds overshadowed even that of Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, who read an extract from the book, and that of the Indian High Commissioner to the UK (a fan of the book) also made a speech about it.

Watch all the speeches from the event now at!

NOTE: The trilogy is available as a single volume in eBook and printed form through all major book retailers online and high street worldwide.

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Happy reading!

Diana de Gunzburg & Tony Wild

Addressing Toxic Relationships, Starting with Your Own Soul


by Cyndi Dale

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

We’ve all been there. Maybe we are there, stuck in a toxic relationship. We perceive the other person as negative, pessimistic, troubled, and irritating. As much as we’d like to blame them for all the troubles, however, we know that we “let” them “trip” our button. It’s like they are surrounded by a dark cloud that makes us cough not nice words right back at them.

It’s one thing if we can avoid the person. Sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if we’re related to that special Pigpen (the character in Charles Schultz’s cartoon strip, Peanuts, who is surrounded by a cloud of dust). What if our poisonous pill is a parent, sibling, child, co-worker, or even our spouse?

There are a lot of great books and systems featuring techniques for taking the sting out of our lethal interactions. After all, we really don’t have to bite back. We can choose to leave the kitchen when our mother is criticizing our cooking for the umpteenth time (a common occurrence in my life as frankly, I can’t cook peanut butter on celery). But, sometimes we can’t seem to control our responses. When this occurs, we need to dig deeper into our psyche than perhaps we’re used to. We must excavate our souls and transform ourselves.

As I explore in my book, Beyond Soul Mates, most relationships connect on the soul-to-soul level. Our soul is that part of us that travels through time-gathering experiences in order to learn about love. In the course of our interactions, we gain the ability to bond and care, to give and receive compassion. We also get hurt. This hurt becomes the basis of misconceptions about love, which lead to our participation in toxic relationships.

Think about it. How many dysfunctional beliefs do you think you hold in regard to love? Many of us suffer a deep sense of unworthiness or lack of deserving. Certain soul-based relationships trigger these inner sensations; these are the ones that feel toxic to us. These are the ones that drive us crazy. These are also the ones presenting us with a great gift, the chance to change our innermost and darkest beliefs so they reflect our true self, the essential self that knows it is lovable and deserving of love.

The basic process is simple.

Our soul holds all our misconceptions about love, such as, “I am unworthy,” or, “Intimacy is too frightening,” or, “I will only be love if I suffer fools.” Our true self, on the other hand, knows the truth. It believes in its own and others’ sincere goodness and worthiness. It knows that love is innate to us all. It also knows it doesn’t need to engage in unhealthy behaviors.

Shifting our soul beliefs to true-self beliefs is actually easiest to do when we’re involved in negative relationships because our issues are so clear. In smooth relationships, we don’t have to question the thoughts and feelings secreted inside of our psyche; we’re already content with what is going on. But bad relationships? The beliefs that make us mistreat others or accept the same are constantly swirling up. They are literally “on the table,” asking us to examine and transform them.

We shift our negative beliefs by concentrating on what our true self knows as truthful. While our soul is screaming, “I only deserve abusive relationships,” or, “I have to be in charge of others,” or, “I don’t need to be safe,” our true self is whispering, “I deserve the equal exchange of kindness,” or, “I get to be with people who are nice.”

By focusing on the beliefs innate to our true self, we can spirit away our soul’s misconceptions. How do we do this?

If involved in a toxic relationship, I recommend that you actually list your soul’s misconceptions and compare them to your true self’s awareness. Now decide you are going to express your true self’s beliefs and ignore your soul’s misconceptions. You’ll notice you begin to engage with others, yes, even your toxic partners, out of the spiritual qualities amenable to your true self. Your own behavior will change, inviting the same in others—or not. Either way, you’ll like yourself better.

Sometimes we shift the negative beliefs in our soul and the relationship changes for the better. This process worked between my mother and myself.

Quite simplistically, we have never gotten along; we’re like oil and water. In fact, I spent most of my childhood railing against her every statement. A few years ago I decided it was time to embody my true self’s beliefs and I started to be more kind, gentle, and straightforward with her. My mother responded with increased wit and joy. Now we actually enjoy each other’s company and laugh about our idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes the expression of our core self eliminates a relationship from our life landscape. For instance, I once dated a man whose every move sent me to the moon. One of his favorite activities was to break up with me when his life was stressed. I swear that it was a hobby for him. I ask for help with Thanksgiving dinner? He’s on the run. I suggest that he move his suitcase out of the way so I can get through the hotel room door? He would say he was finished with me.

In a typical relationship, I would have suggested that he remain on the run. Unfortunately—or fortunately—I too frequently hooked my childhood and soul-based issues and react, feeling unworthy and scared. The abandonment I experienced in childhood set me up to be okay with being abandoned as an adult.

By concentrating on my true self’s beliefs instead of my soul issues, however, I began to gain confidence in my own worthiness. I started saying, “no” a lot more. And I stopped seeing this individual altogether.

We can’t always avoid toxic relationships but we can use them to our own loving advantage. We can shift from our soul to our true self and in the process, embody the best of ourselves. Who knows who will respond?

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2013. All rights reserved.

5 Lenses That Will Shift Your Mood from Pissed To Blissed


by Bob Sima, The Transformational Troubadour

Anger, disappointment, frustration – most of us spend a lot of our days wrapped up in these emotions which dominate our outlook on life. The more we indulge in these negative feelings, the worse our lives become. But what if we can go from “pissed to blissed” just by taking our cues from music?

As a singer-songwriter who travels the world performing and whose inspiration comes entirely from spirituality, I believe that music can give us new perspectives for transforming our lives. You’ve heard it said that “music is the soundtrack of your life” which means that music can be a teacher in our lives. For example, you might often think that life is piled up against you, but what if it was “Happening for You?”(Click on each audio prompt to hear the lyrics referenced in this article. ) 

Imagine, it’s Monday morning, sun shining, tunes cranked and you are blissfully driving to the airport to go after a new opportunity. As you enter the freeway accelerating, you notice that the car is not quite getting up to speed and you hear the dreaded thump thump thump. No! This is not happening. Yes, it is happening. Flat tire, missed flight, opportunity gone.

It’s in these moments that we lose hope. We feel totally defeated. Why is it so easy for us to get rattled, to go from blissed to pissed, from serenity to insanity?  It’s simple. It’s our paradigm, our perspective. We view the events dualistically, as sometimes “good” sometimes “bad.” We feel good or bad depending on the outcome without looking at a much grander view, the bigger picture.

Living this paradigm sets you up for continual disappointment and defeat. It’s time for a new perspective, a brand new set of lenses. I am not talking about framing things to make them look better, like some sort of philosophical Photoshop. There is a much more powerful story connect to the soul’s journey.

Here are some New Lenses for you to view your life experience, based on lyrics from my song “Happening For You.” After reading these lenses, I invite you to download the song so that this teaching is activated and reinforced on each listen.

Lens #1- It’s Happening For You: Everything happens for you, not to you. And it’s all for your highest good. Try this: take a deep cleansing breath and recall a challenging event in your life. Discern, for a moment, what value this event added to your life and how it actually fed your soul in some perfect way that it needed for ascension. LYRIC: “…this can’t be happening to me tonight. Well, it isn’t my friend. It’s happening for you…”

Lens #2- Set the Dream, Detach From the Outcome, Everything is a Miracle: As Einstein suggests, there are only two ways to live your life. That is, to see nothing as a miracle or to see everything as a miracle. Choose everything! Events and happenings are one great miracle; the fact that you are here is miraculous, as the chances of being born into a body are 1 in 400 trillion. Try this: take a deep conscious breath and ponder the events that had to take place to create your soul in this body to enter the here and now: the chemical reactions, cells dividing, ancestors, and  the myriad of events. LYRIC: “…lifetimes of memories, rushing rushing rushing at you.”

Lens #3- Pain is the Great Awakener: Pain is the great awakener, so have a listen. A pain in your body is telling you, “Hey look at me. I need some care.” Pain in the emotional body or soul is talking as well, so have a listen. Try this: next time you are triggered, depressed, drained, anxious, angry, or hurt, take a deep cleansing breath when a pain arises and just feel it. Be with it. Listen to what it is telling you. It is there for your highest good with a message for you. Breathe, allow, and listen. LYRIC: “…this pain, this thing is gonna have a talking to you…”

Lens #4- It’s a Lesson or a Blessing: Label events as lessons or blessings. It’s a win-win. Try this: go back and look at some of the events in your life that may have been traumatic and discern the lesson and/or blessing in each event. This practice will lead to gratitude, which is the virtue among all virtues for creating peace and meaning in your life. LYRIC: “…lessons and blessings disguised as disaster…”

Lens #5- You Are Here to Grow: Many leading experts in the human potential field firmly believe that our souls are here to grow and to ascend. In fact they are under contract! In truth, it’s all about transformation – soul transformation through the human vessel. With this grander view, step back and see the tapestry of your life taking form within the patterns of behaviors and events. LYRIC: “…to wake you and shake you, break and reshape you, into something else entirely brand new…”

AcousticEpiphany: A SongBlog from Bob Sima, The Transformational Troubadour, is a uniquely inspiring, musically-infused blog. With each entry, this award-winning singer-songwriter and spiritual teacher weaves a soul-filling inspired message along with a song (stream or download) to bring home the message and leave it forever embedded in your consciousness. The messages are designed to fill the soul, inspire the mind, and open the heart with topics such as personal transformation; purpose and mission; connection; unity and oneness; and awakening and consciousness expansion. Join Bob on this journey of music, wisdom and the path of transformation.