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A Cluster of Synchronicities


by David R. Hamilton Ph.D.

I have a fascination for how stuff works, and this has come through in my books and blogs. Well, let me share with you a wee cluster of four amazing synchronicities that have recently occurred in my life or that of my close family or friends.

1) Connection on a Flight from Canada

My friend Allyson was flying home to Scotland from Canada last week. She got talking to the man sitting beside her and learned that he lived in Bridge of Allan in central Scotland. Oh, my friends have just moved to Bridge of Allan, she replied. It turned out that he just moved out of the house right next door to the one we just moved into. And he was the tenant of the people who were living in the house we moved into. They're now living in the house he vacated.

2) You Look Like Lulu

A lady in shop said a friend of Elizabeth's looks a bit like the singer Lulu. Later that day, when her friend was at work, a song by Lulu came on the radio. At that moment, she looked out of the window and the lady who said she looked like Lulu walked past.

3) A Hen

Elizabeth's Dad was driving to watch his beloved Dundee football club play a league match. He car shares with a friend. The friend handed Peter a box of fresh eggs laid by his hens. He said one of his new hens wasn't fitting in and was upsetting the others. He asked if perhaps Elizabeth would like a hen. At that moment, a car overtook and pulled in front of them. The registration was 'A Hen.'

4) Just can't get enough of Lulu

Elizabeth and I were discussing these synchronicities while watching 'You've Been Framed,' the comedy show where people send in funny moments caught on camera. This is when Elizabeth told me about the Lulu story. Just as she finished sharing it, the presenter of the show, Harry Hill, started talking about Lulu.

Well, being me, I can't just smile these away. I just have to understand things like this. I can't help it. It's a disease. :)

First of all, I absolutely never write these kinds of things off as random events. Everyone and everything is interconnected and seemingly strange things occasionally occur as invisible connections draw people and circumstances together in often surprising ways that might seem against the odds.

Here's what I think: Physical matter clumps together. I guess that's one way of thinking about the human body. Subatomic particles cluster into atoms; atoms cluster into molecules; molecules cluster into life; people cluster into families, towns, cities, and social networks; planets cluster into solar systems; stars into galaxies; and galaxies into galactic clusters. The same pattern seems to repeat itself.

The view from an airplane on a clear night shows us clusters of lights and little threads of light connecting them as we see the lights from towns and cities linked by roads. Placing this image side-by-side with an image of a galactic cluster (and even human brain networks), reveals the same kind of pattern.

Clusters of 'stuff' connected to other stuff is the way of things. Why should it be any different in human life? It's certainly the same if you draw a social network; the pattern is there again. People cluster together and some bridge the clusters into other clusters, just like the connections between towns, galaxies, and brain cells.

The pattern of clusters connected to other clusters repeating on different scales is called a fractal, from the Latin fractus, meaning 'broken.'

What if there are patterns in our own consciousness – deep in our unconscious minds – so that we draw ourselves together in seemingly strange ways, and even draw events to ourselves? And as we're all connected, we unconsciously make sure that we time things just right.

That's the way I look at things. It can facilitate the strangest experiences. I was in New York City a few years ago. I'd been speaking at the 'You Can Heal Your Life' conference at the Javits Centre where, funnily enough, I'd briefly spoken about interconnections. Next day, Elizabeth and I had a conversation about Joan Rivers. About an hour or so later, we literally bumped into her on the streets of New York, which is not exactly a small place with a tiny population!

Some people are clustered together so that we feel more connected to some people than others. Fractals occur in time too. So there are people whom you are strongly connected to whom you've not met yet, but the chances are you'll make all the right choices, and so will they, so that you will come into each other's lives, where you'll remain there for a 'reason, a season, or a lifetime.' The force of these connections can be strong, I believe, so that the effect is like a whirlpool in a river pulling your boat towards it. Chances are, wherever you paddle, you'll end up there!

So I think there's more to life than we'd ordinarily think, and there's more going on beneath the surface of events than we'd imagine. Pay attention to the synchronicities in your life. They might reveal something about what's going on in your mind, or they may be pointing the way to something (or someone) that's just around the corner. Hey, maybe I'm about to meet Lulu!

David R. Hamilton has a first class honors degree in chemistry and specializes in biological and medicinal chemistry. He is the bestselling author of seven books published by Hay House, and offers talks and workshops designed to fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. He writes a regular blog at as well as one for the Huffington Post. The above article was printed here with his kind permission.


A Formula for How Destiny and Free Will Work Together


If you're like most people, you've probably wondered whether things are meant to be: are you destined to be with that special person, or to have that job, or that friend, that dog, or that really difficult time in your life? Or do we create it all as we go along?

If you're like me, you've wrestled with it for years. There were things that I felt strongly were meant to be in my life, like going to the University I attended and also doing my Ph.D. in the research group I ended up in, to even not getting the job I wanted in the pharmaceutical industry but instead getting one that exposed me to evidence of the placebo effect. This facilitated my route into writing books about the power of the mind, which I believe is my 'destiny.'

But at the same time, I am 100% certain that I shape my own life too, sometimes through taking action to make things happen and other times when seemingly coincidental things happen shortly after I've been thinking about them.

I wrote my book, Is Your Life Mapped Out?: Unravelling the mystery of destiny vs. free will to attempt to set my own mind at rest. This is what I came up with:


Before you go, Whhooooaaaaa, hey what's with the math? it's actually much simpler than you think. Let me explain what the letters mean.

R is the letter I use for 'the Reality that you experience' and it's caused by the letters that come after it. Here's what they mean:

I is your intention. It's the force of you Intending for something to happen, which often results in you acting on your intentions, or subconsciously setting in motion a chain of events that move you towards your goal.

E stands for your emotions. Emotion is a powerful force. If you have an intention to achieve something but your overall emotion about it is negative, then emotion usually overrules intention and you don't go anywhere. Alternatively, when you have a goal and you feel strongly positive when you think about it, you tend to move towards it (or attract it to you).

B stands for your beliefs. Beliefs can propel you to where you want to go or they can sabotage your efforts. Say you had a desire to be financially abundant, but had a belief that it's wrong to have money because people are starving, or that people with money are selfish or unkind, or that money is the root of all evil, for instance. Then chances are these beliefs will overrule your intention to have money. No matter how hard you try, something will always seem to block your efforts.

You can usually tell what kind of beliefs you have about something by looking at your life. Stuff and experiences in your life that you are happy with, that tend to come easily to you, usually represent positive beliefs. Stuff and experiences you feel frustrated you're not having usually signal negative beliefs in those areas. It's best if your beliefs are in line with what you want to achieve.

P stands for momentum of your current experience. Just like a large ship in the ocean can't make a sudden 90-degree turn, but turns throughout a large arc due to its weight or momentum, so most people, when they decide to make a life change, still experience elements (circumstances, types of people, etc.) of their old life for a while as their life turns in an arc rather than in a sudden straight line off to the right or left. Intention works a lot with momentum because the stronger your intention, the faster you break your momentum and the shorter the turning arc in your life.

Fe stands for external forces. These are forces in your environment that have an impact on your life and the kinds of choices you make. They can be the weather; chronobiological in terms of how the Earth's rotation, the sun, and the moon can impact biology; they can be effects of food or anything else that represents how we interact with our natural environment. They can even represent the physical or social environment a person lives in, which can be a very strong force for some.

Fi stands for internal forces. These are what I refer to as spiritual forces. I believe that consciousness transcends time and space, and thus 'you' existed in some form or other before you were born on Earth. Rather than your life being a random event, then, it is likely that you were born at a particular time (given the entire span of Earth's history), in a particular place, into a particular set of social and economic conditions, even into a particular family environment, and often with a latent skill set or direction you intended to move towards. These preconditions would set the tone of the early years of your life, which would then have a strong bearing on the kind of adult you become and the direction of your life. When I talk of destiny, this is what I refer to.

O stands for the effect of other people on you. We're all influenced by other people either directly, by family, friends, colleagues, or even people we meet throughout our day, or indirectly, as world events affect the financial or social environment that we live and move in, or as our choices are influenced by marketing efforts, propaganda, or just information we pick up through watching or reading the media.

X is for any other forces that I haven't though of. :) I'm sure I've not thought of everything.

So the reality that you experience is related to your intentions, your emotions, your beliefs, the momentum of what's currently happening in your life, external forces, internal (spiritual) forces, and the influence of other people.

So how do these forces interact with one another? Well, I think we are born into a set of conditions and circumstances that set the landscape of our lives and its colour tones. As we travel through our landscape, we are occasionally pulled left and right and even nudged back or sucked forwards from time to time. But amid these winds, we are always choosing, always creating, always shaping our lives. It is impossible not to. Thoughts are creative. What we focus on we move towards. That, to me, is a Law. Some call it the Law of Attraction or 'the Secret.'

Some people believe in destiny, others don't. What I've written here is just my belief, coloured, perhaps, by the influences I've experienced in my life and also by what I've always sensed. In some ways, I've sought scientific evidence to explain what I've always believed.

Whether you take comfort in an overall direction you feel you're supposed to be going in or whether you're more motivated in taking the actions that are necessary to get to where you want to get to is up to you. We're all different. Some are more comfortable with the former, some with the latter.

As long as you're comfortable with whatever you personally believe, then great. Happiness and contentedness arise when we're comfortable with our own beliefs regardless of whether there is an ultimate truth or not.

Personally, I think destiny and free will interact constantly, just as nature and nurture interact. Genes do not act out with their environment, but in relationship with it. So, too, do our hopes and dreams play out in relationship to our environment, both physical and spiritual.

David R. Hamilton has a first class honors degree in chemistry and specializes in biological and medicinal chemistry. He is the bestselling author of seven books published by Hay House, and offers talks and workshops designed to fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. He writes a regular blog at as well as one for the Huffington Post. The above article was printed here with his kind permission.


Having a Little Faith


by David R. Hamilton Ph.D.

I love to imagine that we live in a magical world. Aside from the dark lord element of the Harry Potter story, I think many of us would love to live in a world where magic was happening all around us, and that we could use it. I have always enjoyed science fiction and fantasy novels.

I wonder, though, if strange things do occur. I have written previous blogs and books where I've suggested that consciousness is not inside the head but is something fundamental to nature, that it is like a field that connects all people and all things. Thus, I have suggested that meaningful and connected events can cluster together, and this can be a product of a person's beliefs, emotions or intentions.

Just a few days ago, my dog Oscar had to go to the vet for an operation. He was bitten by another dog over a month ago but the wound just hadn't healed properly. The vet decided that there must have been a piece of foreign material left in the wound and believed it best to cut the wounded tissue out.

I felt nervous as we were arriving at the vet for Oscar's operation, even though I knew it was a relatively minor procedure.

As I often do, I said a little prayer. We all know that there are lots of different deities and angels that people pray to. I asked Archangel Michael to watch over Oscar.

Less than a moment later, a man who looked just like the God character from the magical and inspiring film, Miracle on 34th Street, appeared at the other side of the wall that circles the vets' premises. He whistled for Oscar to approach him and when Oscar put his paws up on the wall, the man gave him a large kiss on the top of the head, looked at us and smiled, and then casually walked away without even saying a word.

A wave of emotion overcame me, and I had to take a deep breath not to cry. They weren't tears of sadness, but like knowing that something magical had just occurred, like a feeling of certainty that I'd received a sign. This might strange to some, but perfectly normal to others.

Once we dropped Oscar off I had to make my way into the town center to catch a train to London for a meeting with my publisher. As I was a little early for my train, I dropped into Costa to grab a coffee. By this time, my faith that all would be well with Oscar was beginning to waver. (It had been 20 minutes since I'd left the vet, after all. :) ) Even though I had asked Archangel Michael to help, I was now trying to visualize all being well with Oscar and his operation. I was surrounding him with light and seeing light bathe the entire vets' practice.

As I was being served my coffee, I had the thought that I needn't visualize because I have already asked for help, that I should trust that my asking for help was enough, that by visualizing now was actually showing that I didn't have faith that Oscar was being watched over. Right then, my eye caught the name badge of the person serving me. Yes, it was 'Michael.' I smiled quietly to myself and silently whispered, 'message received!'

Of course, when you do feel a little nervous when it concerns loved ones, and my readers who have dogs, cats and other animals know that this extends to them too, faith does waver from time to time as nervousness kicks in. While I was walking to my train, a little nervousness arose again, so to distract myself, I decided to check my emails on my iPhone. The first email that popped in was from Neale Donald Walsch, one of his daily, 'I believe God wants you to know...' emails. It read:

'On this day of your life, Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know...that medical procedures are nothing to be afraid of."

Okay, I finally got the message. I smiled broadly and felt warm inside. All was well and all would be well. There was nothing to worry about.

And indeed, there wasn't. We collected Oscar in the afternoon. He was still a little dozy from the anaesthetic, but within a few hours, he was his usual self.

I do like to imagine that things happen for a reason, and that all things and all people are connected, that our thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams and intentions shape aspects of our lives, and that consciousness does exist in many more forms than our own.

I don't think of God as a man with a white beard who sits on a cloud, but I imagine that we are all Gods, that we are all part of the same field of energy or consciousness, and that we are capable of much more than we think we are, as our beliefs act like lenses that focus the field, much as an optical lens can focus sunlight. In the times when we have a little faith, I have noticed, we see more evidence of this in our lives, and we feel the warmth of the field.

David R. Hamilton has a first class honors degree in chemistry and specializes in biological and medicinal chemistry. He is the bestselling author of seven books published by Hay House, and offers talks and workshops designed to fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. He writes a regular blog at as well as one for the Huffington Post. The above article was printed here with his kind permission.