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Double Vision: House Harboring Negative Energy?

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I think that my house is harboring negative energy. I have lived here for nearly a year, and on numerous occasions, I have felt intense negativity. It wasn't like a ghost, but similar. When we moved in, there was already a halogen torch lamp in the second bedroom, which we moved to the hallway; interestingly, I have only felt the negativity in this hallway and bedroom. This house has been a home to drug abusers, including an abusive couple who had an autistic child. (This child actually screwed in a number of light switch plates in strange places around the house.) I have lost two roommates since I moved in last February, and under bad but strange terms. I am wondering if the lamp itself could be harboring negative energy, if it is attracting negative energy, or if it's something else in the house itself. Also, what should I do?

- Pink Sapphire


Houses can and do hold energy, as can the land itself. It doesn't have to be the energy of someone who lived there. I once lived in an apartment that had very negative energy. Everyone who lived there started to act very strangely, and had very bad dreams. I lived there for about a year, and it was truly one of the worst years I can remember, so I can relate to what you're going through.

Find a local New Age shop and buy a sage bundle. If there isn't a store nearby, you can find one on the Internet. (Simply type "sage bundle" into a search engine.)

Once you have the sage, say a prayer for protection. You can use the following prayer or choose your own words. "Dear Mother/Father God, I ask that you protect me and everyone living in this house from anything negative. Wrap me in Love and Light. Please remove whatever is NOT of Love and Light in this house. Thank you."

Light the sage and then blow out the flame so the bundle is still smoldering. Then start in one corner of the house and work your way through the ENTIRE house. Do not forget closets, window sills, built-in hutches, etc. You need to simply wave the sage bundle through every room and every wall and every nook and cranny. As you are walking with the sage, you will feel the energy shift numerous times. You may at any time say out loud, "Whatever is not from Love and Light must in God's name leave this place immediately."

If a negative force is present, it HAS to leave if you tell it to in God's name. That is a universal law. Continue through the whole house with the sage. When you are done, put it out in a bowl filled with sand or dirt. Just stick the burning end into the bowl and leave it there. If you desire, you may then take regular table salt and pour it around the outside foundation of the house. If you follow these instructions, your house will be clear of negative energy.

I do not feel that the lamp is harboring any negative energy, but I feel that YOU think it does. Why not just throw that lamp away? New torch lamps aren't expensive, and are easy to find. If you put it out on your curb, someone will come along and take it away. I feel if you get rid of the lamp, you'll fee more comfortable in your house.

I wish you a peaceful, happy home!



The negative energy in your house is not from a lamp; it's from the low vibration the drug addicts brought into it while they lived there. Druggie energy is like anger, resentment and bitterness; it's very draining.

There is a very simple spell for dispelling negative energy in a hallway. On a small table place a basket of skeins of yarn. They don't HAVE to be handspun, but if you can, spin a bit yourself. Spinning is a magical activity, and if we were women living a hundred years ago, we would NOT be sitting at the computer. We would be SPINNING, because every spare moment was spent spinning to clothe ourselves and our families.

It's easy to make a drop spindle from an inexpensive three-inch wooden "wheel." They usually come four to a package for about a dollar at hobby stores. In the hole in the wheel, place a three inch dowel rod and glue it into place. The dowel should stick out an inch from the bottom and two inches from the top of the wheel. Cut a notch into the top of the dowel, and at the bottom, place a small open cup hook into that end.

If there isn't a spinner in your neighborhood, you can still buy loose cleaned lambs' wool at the dance shop in your town. Instructions for spinning yarn are all over the 'net and easy to follow. You will notice while spinning that it is a powerful meditation for "visioning."

It's also easy to spin WITHOUT a spindle or spinning wheel. This is called finger spinning, and if you have a long haired cat, you don't have to leave the house for materials. Place some of the fur together and spin it in one direction with your fingers, adding to it to make a thread. It probably will be knobby and not very attractive, so place this handspun yarn at the bottom of your basket of other yarns. If you don't have time to make a drop spindle (or if you don't have a cooperative cat) you can put a PICTURE of a spinning wheel in your basket and get the same results.

As you spin or place your yarn and picture, repeat three times, "Spindle fly, negativity spin outward and away."

You should feel the release of that negative energy that those druggies left behind in your house dissipate within a few hours as it spins outward into the Void where it can't harm anyone or affect you any longer!


Double Vision: How to Communicate with Spirit Guides


I know I have a spirit guide, but how do I communicate with him? How do I find out his name? I once read somewhere that spirits don't really even HAVE names, and yet I keep hearing people call their own spirit guides by various names. Some names are very strange (like Ramtha) while some are so ordinary (like Fred!) Is there any way I can be sure my guide is hearing me?



I have had some guides tell me their names, while others have not. I don't believe names are important on the Otherside, but they are important here. Guides know that, so if they feel the need, they will "name" themselves.

Here is the easiest way I have found to contact guides: Light a candle in a dark room at night, then either lie or sit down and get very comfortable. Use the flame as a focal point, and just stare at that flame and let yourself go. Allow your eyes to go blurry.

Now here comes the best part: In most meditation practices, you have to clear your mind, and I know that is very hard for some of us. In this practice, I want you to simply let your mind run wild. Don't try to control it, change it, etc. - just let it go wherever it wants while you simply listen and observe.

You'll start to realize that there are thoughts that pop up into your head that you did not think. They are VERY random thoughts. The hardest part about this whole exercise is believing what you hear in your head. I want you to only do this for about 20 minutes. You will have to do it for more than one night in a row to really convince your logical mind that you ARE hearing thoughts that you did not think.

Once you're convinced, you can start asking questions. Get a pen and paper and have the questions you want to ask already written down, with space for an answer. Stick to your questions. Ask the question out loud, then write down the first thing that pops into your head, no matter HOW crazy it sounds. Soon you will realize you are carrying on some sort of conversation. I repeat - the hardest part of this whole thing is believing that your mind is not making it up.

Once you learn how to get a dialogue going, you can ask pretty much any question you desire. Remember that you have more than one guide. We all have one main guide, but we also have teaching guides. You may want to ask whatever guide you reach what they are there to teach you. That can be handy information to know! You can trust that all of the spiritual beings around you can absolutely hear you when you talk to them. Also remember that nothing can move into action before you ask it to, so be sure to directly ask for help, guidance or whatever else you need.

I wish you incredible hearing.



Our Guides hear, see and advise us too, whether we can "hear" them or not. There are as many ways to connect with them as there are individuals who want to connect, so you'll have to find your own way to each other.

I know the names of MY guides, and have since I was a tiny child. I remember "hearing" them tell me their names before I was four years old. I believe that as children we know these things, but as we grow up and become socialized, we lose a lot of that natural psychic ability to see beyond the Veil. This is an ability all small children have, but conditioning by our parents and organized religion and other social institutions often leads us to block what naturally would come to us in the course of our daily lives.

I've never met anyone who wanted to connect with a guide who couldn't do it. One of the best ways is to ask them to come to you through your dreams. Keep a little notebook by your bed so that the FIRST THING YOU DO when you wake from one of these dreams is WRITE DOWN everything you can remember.

You won't EVER remember all of a dream with a guide in it, but after about three months, you should be able to manifest that guide in meditation without having to go to sleep to do it. Then you can ask your guide the name they choose to go by.

The reason some guides have exotic names while others don't is because some guides have never been born here on Earth. The stranger names belong to Angelic Spirits who have never been human. Lots of us also have Guides who have been born as humans, and have chosen this work as something they want to do from the Otherside.

An interesting book that might help you access your guides is "The Book of Enoch." It's one of those books that got left out of the Bible because it has an alternative Creation Myth to the one found in the "official" Bible. It talks all about the Angels and what they do for jobs in Heaven and on Earth. It's available in a lot of different formats, and interesting and fun to read, too.

Based on your question, I believe it will help you connect to your very own Guide, because a NAME will jump out at you as you read it. Once you have established open communication with your Guide, you'll find it's quite easy to get answers to all the questions you want to ask!


Double Vision: Reincarnation Questions


I believe in reincarnation, but I'm confused about something. How can our loved ones who have passed into Spirit be there to greet us on the other side if they have been born again already? Is it possible that I won't see some of my loved ones on the other side because they have already reincarnated? If they haven't been born back into my family, then is it possible to find them somehow? Does this happen naturally? (Do souls that love each other just gravitate back into each other's lives?) The recent movie "Birth" with Nicole Kidman got me thinking about all of this!
Thank you!



I'm glad you asked this question, for I know many people wonder the same thing. Basically, we are split in two. We are spiritual, but when we are here on Earth, we are also human. As I often explain here, when we sleep, our souls leave our bodies. They go to wherever they have to go to heal from today and prepare for tomorrow.

If you put those two ideas together, you'll see how a soul can be somewhere else, even on the Otherside, and at the same time in a body here on Earth. I believe that is how we can see our loved ones on the Otherside when it is our time to go. There are times I get very sleepy and have to take a quick nap for "no apparent reason." I think my soul is required elsewhere during those times.

I also believe that we have a pack of souls we go from life to with. I call this our "soul family." Those people just come to us. Sometimes they are in our family and sometimes they are friends. Not every member of our soul family is here in what we would consider a peaceful capacity. Sometimes we run up on people who become arch enemies, or at least difficult people in our lives.

I believe that these people in our soul family are brought to us by "fate" or "karma" - we don't have to seek them out. When they show up, we instantly know who they are by our reaction to them. They are the people we meet and instantly like and feel a connection to. They are also the people we meet that we instantly dislike and/ or feel a sense of darkness or negativity about.

It is important to realize that not everyone who is a "soul mate" (which is a term that is much overused these days) is someone who is here to bring us love and light and roses. Sometimes we are going to have to face more difficult lessons and interactions via these very powerful relationships.

If you have any questions about who is here for what in your life, feel free to ask in meditation, or you can always ask your spirit guides. If you don't know how to contact your spirit guides, read the other question in this column this week. You could also come to Psychic Chat and get a past life reading from me or one of my colleagues. We would be happy to explore the past life connections between you and other people in your experience.

I wish you a supportive "family."



I believe you are referring to the concept of Ka-Tet (for lack of a better term). Your Ka-Tet is your Karmic Family, and includes scores of individuals you have known in other incarnations. You return to Earth as a group after you've had time for your souls to rest in Heaven for a while. None of us on Earth know how long those Celestial Incarnations last, but I believe they last long enough for the entire Ka-Tet (which sometimes includes hundreds of people) to reach the Celestial Plane, reunite, and get together to plan for the NEXT time you will all incarnate on Earth.

In order to return at all, the Ka-Tet must meet in Soul Life and agree to come back, though not necessarily all together. This all happens as naturally as birth, living, growing old, and releasing one's Spirit back to Heaven.

Thus our loved ones who have Crossed Over before ARE able to meet us when we come to the Celestial Plane, and these souls are not born back into the family during your own lifetime. The people who go before you wait for you on your path, as you wait for those who cross over after you.

The exception to this process is when a baby is lost before he or she is born, and chooses to return to the mother at a later time. If the person is not born alive, the Soul CAN return to the mother as another child, using the same Spirit. This doesn't ALWAYS happen - it's more of an occasional thing - but at times, the Soul that belongs in your Ka-Tet is so drawn to returning that it will take that second opportunity to do so. The sex of the child might be different, but the Spirit will be the same.

Souls who have loved one another DO gravitate back to each other. There is an invisible (to us) thread that connects everyone in a Ka-Tet, and there is a strong pull to reunite with those we loved, no matter how far away we may be born from each other. Nowadays, it's much easier to find one another - I see the Internet making that possible more and more. We live in a very magical time in many ways. Evolution affects EVERYTHING - even Karma!

Be happy and comforted, because you WILL see all your loved ones who have Crossed Over before AND after you when you return to Heaven. Everyone you love and want to see will be there for you, never fear!