Month: July 2017


  • Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 11, 2017



    December 11 through December 17, 2017

    Welcome to what could prove to be, the most stress-free week of the holiday seasons! With little activity in the heavens (except for Mercury retrograde), things should hum along nicely. The week ...

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  • Spells and Rituals to Empower your Holidays


    by Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

    At this time of year, our lives should be filled with joy and contentment, but in the days and weeks preceding the holidays, we often get caught up in all the stress and commercialism. As maintaining ...

  • Your Astrological Holiday Gift Guide


    by Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

    You can find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list by considering the unique aspects of their sun sign. Of course, everyone will appreciate a gift of enlightenment, so consider giving a gift ...

  • Transform Your Holiday Celebrations with Incense

    5a.magic incense

    by Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

    Incense is a powerful, inexpensive way to fill our surroundings with optimum health, joy and prosperity this holiday season. With the right fragrance, we can transform our thoughts, release stress and cultivate inner peace. Now ...

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  • Double Vision: Freaky Astral Experience


    Often when I’m sleeping, I experience sleep paralysis. (I feel my soul trying to lift out of my body to astral travel, and when I try to wake up, I feel paralyzed. I’ve yet to achieve conscious projection, though I’ve tried many times.) I have to say the Lord’s Prayer to fully wake up. A few nights ago this was happening, and when I opened my eyes, I saw this flash in the corner of the bedroom, and I heard a voice say, “He is coming.” It went through me with ...

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Daily Inspirational Quote for July 31


“Be kind wherever possible. It is always possible.”

Now do I really have to explain or elaborate on this one? Thought not! There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for not being kind. We are all capable of bestowing kindness. It doesn’t take any special skill or ability. It needn’t cost us anything, unless being kind in a particular situation, means actually spending a little too. If you take time to think about, there is never ever a time when kindness is not possible unless you yourself decide not to be kind! But, then again, why wouldn’t you? Of course you wouldn’t…..would you?

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Weekly Astrological Forecast for July 31, 2017


July 31 through August 6, 2017

Get ready to pull out the tissues! Venus swims into sentimental Cancer on Monday and we could find our emotions bursting out all over the place! This placement for Venus will have us practicing more unconditional love and empathy, experiencing unexpected emotions and changing our priorities to family and relationships for the next four weeks. Though it won’t slow us down, it could temper our actions with a little heart and empathy energy! The second change of the week occurs on Thursday when Uranus goes retrograde. This is a subtle shift so we may not notice much, but over the next five months our focus will be on establishing new boundaries and sticking with the the tried and true over rash action. Sudden life changes and abrupt movement aren’t really promoted when Uranus is retrograde, so ideally, we’ll be more likely to research and think things through before taking any leaps of faith. Our most productive days of the week will be Friday and Saturday as the Moon moves through Capricorn, so let’s schedule our heavy duty days for then. If we’ve been thinking about redecorating or feng shui-ing the house, Sunday’s Aquarius Moon is the perfect time to do just that!