Month: May 2017



“Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.”

Personally I wake up every morning thankful for actually waking up! Joking aside, how many of us wake up and spend a minute or two thinking about the day ahead with something less than anticipation? From today, when you wake up, try to picture your day ahead and feel determined to get the very best out of the whole day you can! This should find you starting your day with anticipation and an eagerness that will carry you through the following hours and bring, not only to you, but to the people you encounter and interact with, a sense of wellbeing, cheerfulness and positive energy. So, by the time you climb back into bed and snuggle down you fall asleep with a smile on your face in anticipation of the next day being much the same.

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Daily Inspirational Quote for May 30, 2017


“Transformation happens on the other side of surrender."

We have all struggled with problems in the past and, most of the time, done our utmost to find a solution, a way to move forward and leave whatever it is behind. However, occasionally, very occasionally, there are times when we should just say, “You know what, I give up. That’s it. I can do no more.” At those times perhaps that’s the way we’re meant to react to whatever, or whoever, is causing us a problem. By admitting and accepting that we don’t know the best way forward, can actually let the dust settle, so to speak, and we are then ready to be transformed into the person who just let’s things happen and trust that what follows is for the best.

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“A wise owl lived in an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the more he heard.

Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?”

Personally, I love owls. There’s just something about them that appeals to me. They always look comfortable in their own feathers if you know what I mean? This quote really resonates with me and, as it makes a lot of sense, there’s not much I can add except to adopt what it’s telling us. Sometimes we need to just listen and engage our brains while learning and digesting what we hear before opening our mouths and letting it all out without really knowing what we’re saying or actually mean. Perhaps we’d hear things to our advantage, who knows? Worth a try.

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