Month: April 2016

May 2016 Crystal Wisdom


May 2016 Crystal Wisdom Forecast

Let's hit rewind and take another look at things this month.

Mercury is retrograde, so make sure to back up your devices and have a second external hard drive on standby.

Feeling tech challenged? Use a Fluorite crystal in tandem with the help of Archangel Michael (aka Big Mike) to resolve technical difficulties and keep your computer running stress free.

While Mercury’s out in full retro force, lines of communication are likely to experience temporary breakdowns as ideas get lost in translation. The solution? Keep conversations flowing with ease by working with Blue Lace Agate to open your throat chakra and ensure that your truth is voiced with compassion and grace.

Take it a step further by dialing the Angel hotline with Angelite. A piece of Angelite kept under your pillow before dream time can encourage a heavenly jam fest with the Angels when you need Divine intervention on any situation that is weighing heavily on your heart. Allow the crystal to act as a two way cosmic receiver between you and the Divine for powerful insights.

The past may catch up with you this month in the form of old doors re-opening and second chances appearing. When the time comes to share what’s on your mind, Blue Calcite and Watermelon Tourmaline can help your words stay in alignment with your truest feelings.

Crystal Sparkles!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at



“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble because that reason can be taken from you.”

Much easier said than done, don’t you think, being happy for no reason? Surely, our happiness depends on reasons presenting themselves and triggering feelings of happiness in us? I feel it’s more that children are not encumbered, as we adults may tend to be, with the worries of daily life, but just take the day as it comes without worrying or stressing about what it may bring. Wonderful eh? Oh that we could be like that again! We have learned over time, however, that the people or things that bring happiness into our lives can, through circumstances outwith our control, be taken away from us. It would therefore pay us, if we could, to be happy just for the sake of being happy.

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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

We all have dreams we want realised in our lives and strive to make these a reality and not just something in our head. Something to aim and hope for can be vital in giving us reasons to keep going through the not so good times. A life without dreams would be a poor life indeed. However, perhaps it would pay us to look deep within ourselves, our very spirit, in order to discover our true goals or reasons to keep going. This deeper insight may be the tool we use to awaken our sense of who we really are and what we actually need in order to awaken us from the sleep of unawareness.

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