Month: December 2015

January 2016 Numerological Forecast


Happy New Year Bright Sparks!
Welcome to the Year of Smudging

Now that we’ve had time to reflect on the lessons and personal growth of 2015, we can face forward and dig deeper into what needs to healed, released and forgiven in 2016. 2016 breaks down to a 9 universal year in numerology, supporting us in looking at the patterns of behavior that keep us stuck and not sitting in our throne of power.

Release + Let Go
This is the year that everyone can do the inner work necessary to let go of anyone or anything that no longer aligns with the direction we want our lives to go into.
Outgrown a job or tired of going over the same ground with a family member or love partner? Now’s the time to take inventory of the past, transition out of a dead end situation and let the Universe know you are on the market for a better position.

Say yes to: Finding closure and moving on.

Your crystal prescription: Work with Kambamba Jasper to rid yourself of negative behavioral patterns so you can focus on your goals.

Kick Start the Drama Detox
In 2016, January is a 10/1 universal month, helping us kick start the drama detox that may be going on in professional or personal relationships.

If family or friendship dynamics are slowly driving you crazy, engage in self care by healing the ways by which you interact with them.

This may involve:
Therapeutic counseling to develop better tools for communication, self-protection through healthier boundaries and discernment to recognize acts of self sabotage.

Say yes to: Taking action to make peace with the past, heal and honor your boundaries.
Your crystal prescription: Dioptase to encourage active listening and an open dialogue. Black Tourmaline to maintain healthy boundaries and keep the energy vampires at bay.

Engage in Road Opening Work
Take action in January to smudge out the past to bless and make room for new beginnings. This is an ideal month to do some road opening work and call in Archangel Michael to fuel you with the courage you need to walk through any doors about to open.

Say yes to: Clearing + Purifying Rituals.
Your ritual prescription: Smudging with Palo Santo or White Sage Herbs. Light a Lemongrass scented candle to green light new opportunities.

Activate your Humanitarian Spirit
You can also rock the 9 year cycle of 2016 by getting involving in charitable acts of generosity in your back yard and across the pond. Whether it’s volunteering your time at an animal shelter or standing up for a friend in need, 2016 is activating your humanitarian spirit by asking you to open your heart chakra and help out someone less fortunate.

Say yes to: Supporting a good cause
Your angelic prescription: Call in Archangel Ariel to guide and support you in rescuing animals in need.

Channeling your inner Ace of Cups
With all of the healing work going on this year, be prepared for old stories replaying like a cosmic retrograde and stuff bubbling to the surface of your emotional cup. Allow yourself time to process the loss and what needs to be sorted out, while you surrender to the Divine for the ultimate transformation of the story.

Don’t leave claw marks on your past. This year will challenge you to shed old skins, so you can look in the mirror at the gorgeous soul smiling back. Meditate on the Ace of Cups to inspire an emotional new beginning.

Say yes to: Transformation at the hands of the Divine
Your star magic prescription: Work with the glyph of Saturn on a black candle to banish and release outdated emotions, so you can emotionally charge your future with miracle magic!

To your transformation!
xo Zuri

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at Ask

January 2016 Crystal Wisdom


January 2016 Crystal Wisdom Forecast

2016 kicks off with the cosmic mountain goat focusing his gaze on all of the goals set for the upcoming months and strategizing on how to achieve them. Over the next three weeks, you can rock this Capricorn cycle and break the glass ceiling in your career by adopting a more entrepreneurial spirit and dazzling your clients by over-delivering and rising above mediocrity.

Work with crystal allies such as Brown Agate, Green Aventurine and Hematite to anchor your root chakra and create a stable foundation of success in your work life. Fluorite will also help you stay organized and and focused on the task at hand when your thinking's a bit scattered and you need discipline.

If holiday spending left you strapped for cash, Green Aventurine and Malachite can be ideal stones to attract new streams of revenue by aligning your vibe with prosperity. Pair them with Celestite to bring in Divine intervention and help surround your prayers of abundance with Angelic support.

If you're a shop owner, Citrine can do double duty by raising the energetic volume of happiness and financial awesome in your space. It keeps lesser vibrations from taking up any real estate in your world and keeps self confidence at an all time high. Keep a Citrine in your cash register or on your counter to keep the cash flow coming in and keep your mojo shiny + sparkly fresh.

Are you in a creative field and suffering from a lack of inspiration? Orange Jasper will motivate you and spark new creative fire to your projects. When it's an emotional funk that's causing a lull in the action, shift into a vibration of joy, clarity and vision with a Carnelian or Orange Calcite. Orange Calcite has always been my go to crystal for problem solving and finding clear solutions to a problem.

Crystal Blessings!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at



“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

That first step to change is always the hardest. We struggle with letting go of old habits and embracing new ones. We fear taking a risk. Intellectually, we can find a thousand reasons not to try. As we close out 2015 and begin a brand new year, let’s make a solid commitment that for every resolution on our list, we will make the decision to “try!”

Daily Inspirational Quote Written by Susyn Blair-Hunt