Month: August 2013

Daily Inspirational Message for August 31, 2013


Refuse to be entertained by bad news. Seek out and create stories that make you feel strong
and joyous and enigmatic.

– Rob Brezsny

Every time I see a movie that is about some sort of apocalypse, I wish that Hollywood would get the memo that where thoughts go, energy flows. I refuse to watch those movies and I hope that you do too, for they are bad not only for your own aura but for the aura of the entire planet. We need to counter those disturbing messages with visions of peace, hope and well-being, to read uplifting books, watch beautiful films, and refuse to buy into the scary, dramatic messages the media is constantly flinging out in order to boost their profits.

Daily Inspirational Message for August 30, 2013


Be on the watch. The gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them. You can’t beat death but you can beat death in life, sometimes. And the more often you learn to do it, the more light there will be. Your life is your life. Know it while you have it. You are marvelous. The gods wait to delight in you.
– Charles Bukowski

Every day – indeed, every moment – we are presented with a choice to choose life in the form of hope, cheerfulness, joy and peace, or to surrender to death in the form of apathy, depression, anxiety or hopelessness. None of us can escape death, but every one of us can choose to enjoy each day we’re given in this world. Stretching to think as we need to think in order to feel as we desire to feel is a strenuous spiritual workout; like physical workouts, the more we exercise, the better shape we get in spiritually, and the easier every workout gets. At some point, we start to feel comfortable in our spirits and the world around us the way a well trained athlete feels comfortable in her body. We then move with grace and ease, and become capable of performing extraordinary spiritual feats.

Daily Inspirational Message for August 29, 2013


I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble.
– Rudyard Kipling

A long time ago, I dated a man who had a habit that really stressed me out. If we were driving and he felt the car behind us was following too closely, he would get angry and start messing with that driver by slowing down; then when they would try to pass him, he would speed up. Eventually, he would let them get ahead of him, at which point he would start tailgating them to try to teach them a lesson. As you might imagine, this led to a lot of angry, stressful driving experiences. It was during one such drive that I started looking for good reasons why those other drivers may be driving that way in order to try to talk him out of his road rage: maybe they were racing a child to the hospital, or they were late for work and were afraid of being fired, or they were racing to help someone in need. Though that relationship eventually ended, it did change me in some positive ways. I still assume that people who are behaving badly may have a good reason for doing so. It may or may not be true, but when I ‘pull over’ to get out of their way, I enjoy a much more peaceful, pleasant drive through life.