Month: June 2013

Daily Inspirational Message for June 30, 2013


Religions that teach pity, self-contempt, humility, self-restraint and guilt are incorrect. The good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

The other day, I took a long ride out in the country on my bike, and I found myself next to a farmer’s field, beyond which there was the most beautiful deep, dark woods. I felt drawn to cross that field and explore those woods – they were calling to me – but I didn’t do it. I was afraid the farmer who owned the field I would have to cross would see me, and I would have to explain what I was doing on his property. I should have just done it; in fact, I’m going back to answer that call just to stretch my silly limits and walk my freakin’ talk. What’s the worst that can happen? Surely it’s not as bad as the best that could happen! Are you ignoring your inner guidance in the name of playing it safe? What are you afraid will happen if you loosen up, break the rules, experiment, explore, or just try something that sounds great without knowing how it will turn out? What rules are you blindly following that are limiting the scope of your experience? If you want to launch yourself into fresh spiritual growth, come with me and take a risk by doing something you want to do that is totally out of character for you.

Daily Inspirational Message for June 29, 2013


Would you buy a stuffed bunny or a baby blanket that was handcrafted by a prisoner on death row? Would you go to a cafe and eat a sandwich that was made by an employee who was screaming angrily at another employee while he made your food?
– Rob Brezsny

When I imagine wrapping a newborn baby in a blanket made by a serial killer, my inner being practically does a back flip and passes out cold. Imagine it yourself for a moment: if you have a similar reaction, it’s a bold sign that on some level, you too are aware of energy and that everything is connected and everything we do carries our energetic imprint. We are wise to work with this awareness by surrounding ourselves with positivity. What we eat, what we buy, the people we spend time with, what we watch on TV, what we read: everything is constantly impacting all of us, whether we have the tender skin of a newborn or the wizened, weathered aura of someone who has seen a whole lot of craziness over the years. The more we consciously choose the energies, ideas, people and stuff we allow into our worlds, the more empowered we grow to consciously cultivate peace and well-being.

Daily Inspirational Message for June 28, 2013


Speed and efficiency do not always increase the quality of life.
– Robert Fulghum

Just as I was editing this message, I got a phone call from a repairman named Don who is scheduled to be at my house soon and is running very late. I could hear the stress in his voice as he apologized profusely and explained that he had car trouble this morning. I could also hear that he was expecting me to be angry or at least annoyed that he wouldn’t be on time. With a smile in my voice, I told Don, ‘Don’t worry, it will all work out,’ and he was so surprised he actually asked me to repeat myself, after which I could hear him breathe a sigh of relief. I often think about how the world has gone mad with speed, and how the only way to stay sane and healthy is to personally counter this mad push by relaxing, trusting, taking it easy, letting it flow, and remembering that all is and will be well. I just realized, however, that every day, we can give the gift of peace and a trusting, easy pace to others by reminding them that everything will work out fine, and being especially kind to them when they’re stressed about running late.