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New for September...Jennifer Jean is offering a Spiritual Reading for only $75! This is especially for those who want to contact spirits who have crossed over, guides, angels and other ascended masters. Always very uplifting and inspiring! For more information visit ReadingsByJenniferJean.com



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Extremely Rare Crystals and Fluorescent Minerals at Discounted Prices.

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$35 THURSDAYS! Treat yourself to a 15 minute chat reading on Thursday for only $35. Order your reading at AskZuri.com and use promo code: kajama10 at checkout.

FREE - 3 EMPOWERING MEDITATIONS! Dominique is offering three life-changing meditations, at no cost to you. Listen to them now at IntuitiveMoon.com and select the Shop menu.

FREE RUNE READING from Alia! See what special message the ancient Rune Oracle has for you today, exclusively at ReadingsbyAlia.com!

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