• Mastering the Art of Love


    An Excerpt from The Forgotten Art of Love

    Who better than a cardiologist to unpack the many dimensions of love, the emotion that has long been depicted as emanating from the heart?
    A comprehensive, multifaceted exploration into the nature of love is precisely what scientist Dr. Armin A. Zadeh, who is both a cardiologist and a professor at Johns Hopkins University, offers in his new book entitled The Forgotten Art of Love: What Love Means and Why It Matters.  We hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt from the book.

    Can love be learned? In principle, yes, but there are several important requirements. Love necessitates a positive, embracing view of ourselves and of life. Fromm claimed that only a person who has reached developmental maturity is truly capable of loving. Such maturity implies self-acceptance and overcoming narcissism. Love requires humility. We are not truly concerned with the happiness and well-being of somebody else if we perceive ourselves as superior. Finally, love requires awareness and sensitivity to recognize the needs of the beloved for attaining well-being and happiness.

    Like mastering any art, learning to love takes concentration, discipline, and patience. The principle of ...

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