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    2a-insp-oct“One of the false dichotomies of modern life is that between work and personal time. It is widely held that there is a set of skills that we need for one and quite a different set that we need for the other, but this is not true. The skills of problem-solving, for example, are of great value in our personal lives, and overcoming stress and anxiety is a key skill in our work. Being fair to yourself and to others helps both personal and work relationships.” – Gillian Butler, Ph.D. and Tony Hope, M.D.

    Many years of psychic reading experience have shown me that everyone has a “strong suit” and a “weak suit.” One woman may be a powerhouse in her career, yet be endlessly unhappy in her love life. Another may have wonderful relationships, but constantly be stressed about money or her job. If this sounds like you, the answer can be as simple as studying what you have mastered in life, and applying that same approach to areas that need improvement. Success in any endeavor is achieved in fundamentally the same way. Mentally step into the role where you’re ...

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