• Daily Inspirational Message for April 17, 2014

    letgo2“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
    - Lao-tzu

    We don’t have to ask others’ advice or opinions on how to manage our lives, for we really do have the answers already. I once had a great teacher who was a gifted medium. Instead of asking Spirit my questions for me as I hoped she would, she insisted on helping me to find the answers myself. When I was agonizing over whether or not to end my first marriage, for example, I told her how desperate I was for guidance, and asked her what I should do. She very calmly smiled at me and said, “You already know the answer to that. The real question is, what will it take for you to honor your own truth?” As soon as she told me I had the answer, I realized that she was right. You know very well how to manage your own life, you just need to honor your own truths as much as you do the opinions of others.

  • Weekly Kajama Digest for April 14, 2014

    Astrological Outlook

    earthmoonWe’ll have a shakeup right out of the gate this week, starting with Pluto turning retrograde on Monday. Though this planet is a bit more subtle when it changes direction, Pluto retrograde marks the start of a five-month cycle of reflection, release and reclamation. Because it’s traveling the sign of Capricorn, this could mean that our financial trouble or employment difficulties are about to come to an end. We’ve been swimming upstream since Pluto entered this sign four years ago, so it’s about time we start to see the tides turn around in our favor. As we strive for balance in all areas of our lives, Tuesday’s Libra full Moon/lunar eclipse sets up a six-month cycle that will help us decide, once and for all, what we need to let go of that is still holding us back. Eclipses set our focus for the next six months, and come in pairs. By the time the solar eclipse occurs on April 29, we’ll have a new focus and dreams to pursue. If we stop and consider our limits as well as our liberties under this full Moon, we’ll get a much clearer picture of how to reclaim our inner peace and intuitive confidence. The remainder of the week should flow along pretty smoothly as the Sun completes its journey through Aries. If we remember that the sign of Aries is about inspiration, dreams and creativity, and that we’ll be preparing to take those dreams into reality when the Sun moves into Taurus on Sunday, it won’t be difficult to see the potentials that lie ahead. That being said, we’ll use the fun-loving energy of this weekend’s Sagittarius Moon to speculate, anticipate and start setting things into motion.

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    Featured Articles

    AriesTo Be As Aries as a Sunflower
    by Dominique Jones

    “Aries is the beginning in astrology. It is potential at the moment of its unleashing, passion no longer held back, the moment when the spark of a match makes its sound and you know the fire is coming. The Aries energy moves, interrupts, engages, plants, leads, and loves.”


    TaurusTaurus and the Garden Cross
    by Dominique Jones

    “Taurus is the first fixed sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Venus. Venus can attract and Taureans can concentrate. With concentrated attraction, get ready to RECEIVE.”


    Gemini315X278Citrus Partnership with Gemini
    by Dominique Jones

    “Gemini is the first mutable sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Mercury. Mercury moves and Gemini travels through a variety of experiences. Gemini‚Äôs have emerged from a chrysalis of experience, so they should get ready to SYNTHESIZE.”


    Double Vision

    what-kind-of-guys-do-girls-like-300Spiritually Irresponsible to Pursue Him Again?

    Two Kajama psychics answer a reader’s question about pursuing a former boyfriend. Both feel that the reader needs to check her motives and think twice before drawing this man back into a partnership.



    Amazing Story Contest

    angelachristineborderedThe Amazing Story Contest is a great way to win a FREE psychic reading. This week’s winner of the Amazing Story Contest has won a free email reading with Angela Christine. Angela is an ordained minister through Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary of Wicca in Clearlake, CA. She has been reading auras and chakras for 21 years. Angela is also a credentialed Spiritual Wellness Advisor through Universal Class.For more information, visit integrativespirithealing.com. To read this week’s winning story and enter our contest, visit The Amazing Story Contest.