• Daily Inspirational Message for April 24, 2014

    goforit3“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
    - Dr. Seuss

    I have been known to come up with some pretty crazy ideas while brainstorming. While many of them are foolish, impractical, idiotic or insane, throwing crazy ideas on the table often sparks something magical, and opens hidden doors to unseen possibilities. Sometimes, situations have us so tied up in knots that our only hope is to throw out our known repertoire of solutions and try something “crazy.” There are so many possibilities that we never even consider. If you’re stuck, throw out all the rules, abandon your pride, and think with finger paints. Get messy! Abandon all restraint! Smear ideas together, and if you don’t like the results, you can ball the whole thing up, throw it away, and begin anew.

  • Weekly Kajama Digest for April 21, 2014

    Astrological Outlook

    astro get groundedIt’s time to reconnect with Mother Earth this week as The Taurus Sun reminds us to “plant our feet firmly on the ground.” Spiritually, we’ll all be going through a transition as we hover between two eclipses, so it’s only natural that we’ll be completing some long-standing efforts and preparing to move into new enterprises. Life should run fairly smoothly as we adjust to the newly born Taurus Sun, which will add a layer of grounding and stability to our movements. The only astrological aspect scheduled this week is Mercury’s move into Taurus on Wednesday. After spending only two weeks in Aries, the planet of communication does a quick costume change, anxious to follow the Sun’s example. It won’t stay here long though, as two weeks from now it will dance into Gemini. This sign-hopping planet is on the move, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself unable to focus or gather your thoughts over the next few weeks. Our best bet is to rely on our intuition, and, if it doesn’t speak to us yet, to stand still until it does. Enjoy the calm, as the last two weeks have been a bit chaotic, and the next two weeks look to be pretty busy as well!

    astrology Click here Daily Horoscopes by Susyn Blair-Hunt to find out how the above influences will affect your own Sun Sign! (Is it your birthday this month? Get your Birthday Forecast for the year ahead too!)


    Featured Articles

    SmallCoverOn Dying and Coming Back
    by Robert Moss

    “I first died in this lifetime when I was three years old. My great aunt the opera singer saw this in the tea leaves but didn’t talk about it until long after. What she did not see was that – as a doctor at the hospital in Hobart, Tasmania told my parents – I “died and came back”. That is still the term I prefer to use of these experiences.”


    baby toddler asleep with teddy bearAmong Children
    by Robert Moss

    “Children, especially when very young, are the masters of dreaming and imagination. At four, Sophie was talking to me about the difference between “wake dreams” and sleep dreams. In a sleep dream, “you don’t know you’re dreaming.” You can have a “wake dream” anytime.”


    3butterfly_on_flower-1920x1080The Butterfly Plan for Transformation
    by Robert Moss

    “In many cultures, the butterfly is a favorite image for soul. In Greek, the word psyche means both “soul” and “butterfly”. The cycle of the butterfly is a model for a life that is open to transformation.”


    Mystical Matters

    advice -cthulhu-mythos-worship-of-fire-cthugha-sol_indara1Dreams Interpretations

    Our featured guest advice columnist Angela Christine helps two Kajama readers interpret their dreams. One reader writes about having continuous dreams of fire, while the second would like to know more about prophetic dreams and if we can change our destiny.



    Amazing Story Contest

    cosmos2 The Amazing Story Contest is a great way to win a FREE psychic reading. Do you have an unusual spiritual or paranormal encounter you’d love share? To enter your own amazing experience in our contest, visit The Amazing Story Contest.