Your Heavenly Entourage: How to Connect with Your Everyday Angels

Your Heavenly Entourage: How to Connect with Your Everyday Angels, by Margaret Ann Limbo

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

You have an entourage of angels, or sometimes legions of angels, at your beck and call. It is as simple as having a thought, imagining the angels around you. Have faith that your heavenly helpers are on "on the job," so release stress and allow life to unfold. Angels respond to your thoughts and specific requests. These heavenly messengers are waiting for instructions. The telepathic assistance from the angelic realm is a very real and it can easily become a very real part of your life.

How do you talk to angels? How can you get them to assist you?
Talking with angels is easy. Simply imagine their energy standing or sitting near you as they listen to what you are feeling, fearing, and hoping. Use your imagination and activate your ability to make believe.

The angels are beings of light, each of them associated with a color or range of colors. Therefore, the use of gemstones are perfect reminders to maintain a focus on intended goals and aspirations because the gemstones also resonate with the color or ray of the angels and archangels, too. Teaming up the angelic world with crystals, minerals and stones, helps ground the connection I have with the angelic realm and will for you, too.

Summon your angelic assistance by using all six senses to increase your awareness and awakening consciousness. Use essential oils to honor your olfactory sense. To smell the essence of everyday angels surrounding you helps make the angels even more real and palpable. Combine the use of your intention and your imagination with spiritual tools like essential oils and gemstones as you focus on your goals and aspirations, all the while asking your everyday angels to be a part of your entourage to help you in your life.

Hold a gemstone and inhale an aroma to amplify the angelic interaction experience. Then, tell the angels how you would like their help and support. Be as clear and specific as possible, then consider adding this statement, "May this or something better become manifest reality."

How can the angels help you?
Go ahead. Assign a job to one of your angels. Decide what area of life you need help with. Identify the angel or angels you want to work with. Talk with your angels. You can call on:

  • Angel of Abundance and Prosperity when you need help with manifesting plenty of everything.
  • Angel of Balanced Emotions when you are challenged by rampant emotions and mood swings.
  • Angel of Communication when you need help with expressing yourself, listening well, and being heard.
  • Angel of Divine Timing when you need to notice the opportunities presented to you and then take action when that door is open.
  • Angel of Forgiveness when you just can't seem to let go of feeling betrayed and hurt by someone.
  • Angel of Gratitude when you need to take the time to be grateful for the many blessings in your life.
  • Angel of Helpful People when you are ready to let others help you and you realized that you don’t always need to do everything by yourself.

There are so many more arenas of life and the angels can help you in each and every aspect of your life here on earth.

What does it mean to petition the angels?
Sometimes you can petition or send off your requests by writing it down as if you are writing a letter to your angel. Though it isn't necessary to put your prayer requests in writing, the act of writing the petition to a specific angel or group of angels often helps clarify.

For example, let's say you need help taking action and moving forward in life. Petition the Angel of Action to come to your aid with a request something like this:

Oh, Angel of Action! Please come here now to help me move forward and take action on something I need to accomplish. Help me see myself more clearly and understand what is preventing me from starting and/or completing the task or deed. This achievement may be a piece of the puzzle I need to live my life purpose. Help me take the necessary steps at this time in my life. Thank you!

When you are specific and delineate the actions needed to achieve a goal or state of being it makes the job of the angel easier because they know what you want from them. Written petitions are effectively created in letter format. The act of writing brings the request closer to manifest reality. Bring your request into manifest reality with your words and thoughts. Imagination is a key to working with the angelic realm. Then it all becomes real in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sense.

Manifesting is the active form of prayer. Ask the angels to co-create. Your everyday angels add a level of conscious awareness to your intention to align with the Divine—God. Then, the meditative experience adds another dimension to your alignment with the angelic realm. Meditation and inquiry are considered passive forms of prayer—to sit, to wait, to listen, and to grow. Take notes on the ideas that traverse through your consciousness.

What do colors, chakras, and gemstones have to do with calling on angels?
Everything is energy and all energy carries a vibration. This vibration resonates. Color is also resonating vibrationally. Each color carries a series of qualities or vibration as do chakras in our energy systems as well as gemstones. These energies have vibrational matches that are most often associated. For instance, the color red is related to action and vitality which is also associated with the root chakra and the gemstone garnet. Another example is citrine, a solar plexus gemstone, is helpful to improve self-confidence and integration of life events.

Angels respond to our thoughts and the vibrations we are broadcasting. Work with your chakras, colors, and gemstones in combination when you are petitioning a specific everyday angel. Let's say you want to improve the relationships in your life. Call on the Angel of Relationships to help you. Focus on your heart chakra, the colors green and pink, and the pink calcite and seraphinite. Add the aromas of citrus essential oils like grapefruit and orange to uplift and open your heart to give and receive love. As you inhales the fragrance, maintain your focus on your intentions and the reason why you chose the aroma.

Why do angels respond to scent and aromas?
Angels are actually responding to the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing while using scents and aromas. Angels will take action based on your specific requests for assistance. Inhale the essential oil or fragrance as you think about, visualize, and sort out how you will bring your desires into reality.

As an aromatherapist, I've come to realize through Divine inspiration that certain essential oils are aligned with specific results. For example, rosewood encourages loyal relationships, therefore, it pairs well when you call on the Angel of Relationships with the issue or request that needs attention. Inhale some orange essential oil to open your heart to receive love, nurturing, and comfort in your life from yourself and others. And, grapefruit essential oil can be helpful to develop a stronger sense of self, rid your emotional body of doubt and fear, and cultivate trust as you develop loving relationships.

Use a variety of scents and avoid prolonged use of the same essential oil. It's much more effective to switch it up for your health and well-being as well as to maintain continued focus on the imagined outcome.

Do archangels team up with the everyday angels?
Archangels are your level up enhancement to working with everyday angels. The everyday angels are the ones who help you fine-tune your focus on the issue or request at hand. The archangels are like calling in extra enforcements to ensure a positive result. Here are a few highlights on how archangels can team up with the everyday angels.

  • Archangel Ariel helps to increase motivation, vitality, and vigor.
  • Archangel Gabriel is a divine oracle who you can call on for inspired guidance.
  • Archangel Haniel can help to improve your communication skills with animals and all nature.
  • Archangel Jophiel inspires you to cultivate good relations with your partner, an abundance of beauty all around you, to help you relax and see the beauty in life.
  • Archangel Metatron to motivate you to take positive action to understand your soul's purpose, to foresee potential future realities, and activate the connection with higher consciousness and your soul's evolution.
  • Archangel Muriel stabilizes and fixes your attention on the vibration of safety and allows you to resolve problems and uncover truths.
  • Archangel Zadkiel helps you to amplify kindness, mercy, altruism, and thoughtfulness in yourself and those around you.

Use all the tools if you wish. It's most important that you are remember to clearly request assistance and your heavenly entourage will be at your side guiding you. Believe yourself when you receive flashes of intuition or ideas. Take action on them. The best that can happen is that Divinely-inspired ideas that your realize manifest for the good of all. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens. Then you just try again until everything unfolds with ease and grace. Let the angelic realm partner with you through life. Walk around as if you have a gathering of angels surrounding you who are lighting your path. Notice how the doors open, the joy unfolds, and peaceful existence prevails.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020. All rights reserved.