You Live in a Multidimensional Reality


An Excerpt from Seven Cups of Consciousness by Aleya Dao

The world you live in is made up of multiple dimensions. The physical dimension is just one floor of a multistory building. Each floor or dimension holds different energies and levels of consciousness.

The physical dimension contains solid objects, a linear time line, finite resources, and limited space. You can only accomplish a certain amount in a day, depending on your energy level, the amount of time you have, and the resources available to you. It is a finite experience.

The nonphysical dimensions are more etheric realities. Time is not linear, space is infinite, and resources are endless. For example, when you dream, a few seconds may seem like several hours. During a meditation, you may grasp a concept in seconds that might otherwise take years of study to fully comprehend. When you use your imagination or fantasize, you are accessing different dimensions that contain different layers of information and perspectives.

Let’s take a quick dimensional trip. Imagine standing in the lobby of a hotel. You step into a glass elevator and press the button for the sixth floor. As you ascend and look down at the lobby, you have a different vantage point. You see things that you could not see before. When you arrive on the sixth floor, you are able to access information that would have been otherwise unavailable. Once you have gathered all the information you need, you travel back down to the lobby. When you use your energetic glass elevator, you may find yourself traveling faster than light and receiving profound wisdom. You will see your challenges from a different angle. You will come up with solutions and receive new insights.

The information you access can be viewed as physiological (simply a function of the human brain), as spiritual (a connection to God), or as an energetic multidimensional reality, depending on how you view the nature of the Universe.

The key lies in your ability to focus on your inner world, using your imagination and intent as a way to connect to other dimensions. When you close your eyes and focus on your breath, you take your awareness off your outer physical life and move into an inner dimensional one. This shift in awareness opens you up to a multidimensional reality.

The Cosmic Two-by-Four During my first enlightenment experience in 2001, I was engulfed in a multidimensional reality, which felt just as real as the physical world. It was an amazing, overwhelming, clarifying experience that took me years to fully comprehend and integrate.

Your first experience of a multidimensional reality may be just as mind-blowing. Any time your perception of reality radically shifts in a positive way, it is a moment of enlightenment. You may have many mini-moments of enlightenment in your life, or you may have one big one. To give you a taste of what a “big one” feels like, I will share mine in more detail.

My awakening moment came while I was receiving a sound healing session. As Mary McLaughlin’s “Bring the Peace” pulsed through the sound table, and I took a deep breath, my consciousness abruptly altered.

My awareness instantly shifted from the physical realm into a higher realm. A white light flashed over me, and I found myself standing on a platform of light looking down at the planet. I felt an exquisite vibration of love. I saw thousands of light-beings full of love and compassion surrounding Earth. Millions of lines of light encircled the planet, creating spheres and grids that held uncountable numbers of vibrations and consciousnesses.

I felt peaceful, warm, safe, and connected to this exquisite fabric of love. There was a profound sense of support and strength inside me. I had clarity and a deep understanding about the nature and purpose of life that reached far beyond the simple knowing of my mind.

I felt a group of light-beings around me, and a surge of energy pushed me off my platform of light. I instinctively curled into a tight ball as I accelerated down a tunnel. The music became louder, and I felt myself passing through thick blankets of light, the energetic veils that separate the dimensions.

I became aware of my body and felt a current of energy rushing down the back of my neck and down the front of my spine. I could feel a river of light flowing through the top of my head, down the front of my spine, through the center of Earth, and looping up behind me into the heart of Source, where my divine spark resides. I could feel and hear a group of energetic beings around me. I would later refer to this river of light as my divine line, and the angelic ones as my Team.

I felt my body tingling and radiating with energy. I could literally feel the light emanating from my fingertips. My awareness of the other realms activated. I felt the exquisite vibration of love encompassing everything. I had a deep inner knowing of my own essence and of my journey that extended far beyond my earthly years. All that I had known quietly faded away and a deep peace, connection, and inner knowing of who I truly am came into being. From that moment on, I was aware.

Many mystics have talked about this experience as an awakening or as enlightenment, and I can see why. I literally awakened to a new reality. Everything was different. I could see through the veils, the energetic curtains that separate the dimensions. I perceived swirls of color, light, and sound representing subtle energies. Information flowed to me via channels that had just opened up for me. I could see and understand a new conception of reality.

I slowly got off the table and instantly felt dizzy. I sat down for a moment and collected myself before I quietly thanked the practitioner and headed for the door. As I stood outside, taking deep breaths of cold air, I felt my Team surround me. I got in my car, and heard them say: “Now drive.”

I thought to myself, “Sure, no problem. I just shifted my entire reality. I have had a massive spiritual awakening, and I am now able to perceive multiple dimensions simultaneously. My body is tingling and shaking with energy. And they want me to drive?” I made it two blocks before I had to pull over and walk the short distance home.

That night as I lay in bed vibrating, I thought about my new reality. I could feel a river of light inside me. I could feel how the river is connected to Source. I could perceive other realms and beings in other realms. I could hear other people’s thoughts and feel their feelings. If I had not been an alternative medicine practitioner and a doctor of Oriental Medicine, I might have thought I was experiencing a psychotic break. Fortunately, I had read about all the potential symptoms of an enlightenment experience.

Of course, it’s one thing to read about these experiences, but to actually have them...? Well, there is no comparison. Your journey is yours, and yours alone.

Aleya Dao is the author of Seven Cups of Consciousness. She opened the first alternative health-care clinic in Telluride, CO, and has built an international healing practice with her online subscribers and students. Visit her online at

Excerpted from the book Seven Cups of Consciousness ©2015 by Aleya Dao. Click here to learn more about the Seven Cups of Consciousness. Printed with permission of New World Library.