• Gemini HoroscopesWeekly Astrological Forecast for May 20 through May 26, 2024
    May 20 through May 26, 2024 There are a lot of astrological activities going on this week, beginning with the Sun’s move into Gemini on Monday. This will set the stage for four weeks of heightened communication and the urge to learn all we can about everything! Gemini’s trait of curiosity will prevail, and we’re sure to learn some amazing things in the process! The Moon will dance through Scorpio on Monday and Tuesday, which could bring an intense energy with it. Let’s try to pace ourselves and not get caught up in details or timelines, as this energy can have us moving at lightning speed but not making much progress. The Moon waxes full in Sagittarius on Thursday, followed by Venus’ move into Gemini. Sagittarius and Gemini are fun and light-hearted signs, so we should feel a calmer and more flowing energy during the second half of the week. A Capricorn Moon prevails over the weekend, which is a good thing as Jupiter moves into Gemini and Saturn moves ... Read More
    Jennifer Jean Kajama’s featured Psychic of the week is medium Jennifer Jean, who has over 20 years experience in the spiritual arts. Her readings are heart-centered, which helps her to quickly tap into the emotional energies surrounding any situation. Through the guidance of a reading, you’ll be empowered to gain greater control over the “plot” of your life story, as well ... Read More

  • Past Lives: Some Helpful Information
    Past Lives: Some Helpful Information, by Marilou Trask-Curtin (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) A short while ago I had a phone call from a friend who had read of the upcoming release of my book Reincarnation: One Woman’s Exploration of her Past Lives. Deep into the upbeat conversation she admitted to me that she had always had both a fascination and a fear of the ... Read More
  • Exploring Your Body’s ESP
    Exploring Your Body’s ESP, by Ann Todhunter Brode (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Many people haven’t thought much about the connection between their body’s sensory awareness and extra-sensory perception. They often consider ESP extra-ordinary and practiced only by adepts or psychics. But, it’s actually available to anyone who pays attention to their ... Read More
  • Finding Balance: 9 Steps to Creating Resilience
    Finding Balance: 9 Steps to Creating Resilience, by Anusha Wijeyakumar, MA (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Would it not be a wonderful thing to have a calm and serene mind through the ups and downs of our daily lives? To have the ability to learn ways in which to stop the constant cascading thoughts (often negative) from arising? Do you sometimes feel that you will never ... Read More

  • Double Vision: Recurring Muted Dreams of Departed Father
    I am having recurring dreams about my father, who departed this life a couple of years ago. I don’t usually remember what leads up to the point in the dream where my dad shows up, though sometimes, it seems like I’m sleeping (in the dream) and I wake up and he is there. He is talking to me, but I either can’t hear what he’s saying, or can only barely hear a whisper and ... Read More

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