• Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 5 through December 11, 2022
    December 5 through December 11, 2022 Monday’s Taurus Moon will prove most productive, as we plow through our obligations and free up the rest of the week for personal pursuits. Mercury will move into enterprising Capricorn on Tuesday, setting us on a course to gather more information or review current methods to see where change might be needed. The Moon will wax full in Gemini on Wednesday, marking the start of a two-week period of reflection and reconnecting with those dearest to us over the holiday season. Venus will move into Capricorn on Friday, adding a creative flair to all we do and reminding us to practice more authenticity and groundedness in all we do. The Cancer Moon on Friday and Saturday will turn our thoughts to home and family, as well as creating a sense of security and stability around us. A Leo Moon on Sunday will cast a generous and heart-centered air around us, compelling us to take better care of ourselves and others!... Read More
    Jennifer Jean Kajama’s featured Psychic of the week is medium Jennifer Jean, who has over 20 years experience in the spiritual arts. Her readings are heart-centered, which helps her to quickly tap into the emotional energies surrounding any situation. Through the guidance of a reading, you’ll be empowered to gain greater control over the “plot” of your life story, as well ... Read More

  • Add the Passion of Crafting to Your Craft with Fiber Magick
    Add the Passion of Crafting to Your Craft with Fiber Magick, by Opal Luna (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Long before the birth of the Bedazzler, the crafting world has been drawing folx in with the allure of making things with their own hands. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making it yourself. Pride of workmanship and seeing your project come ... Read More
  • A Quick Channeling Tutorial
    A Quick Channeling Tutorial, by Jenny Tyson (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Channeling, also called telepathy, is a skill that anyone can learn. It is intuitive communication with any living or spiritual being that does not rely on the five physical senses. Telepathy is not just a communication in verbal form. It can also occur as feelings, imagery, or other types of ... Read More
  • Signs of Spirit: The Connection Remains
    Signs of Spirit: The Connection Remains, by Roland Comtois (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) As a medium, my heart always trembles when the plight of one’s life is the pain that accompanies loss of a loved one. It often causes me to pause and reflect on the sadness. But, I’m always reminded that telling an afterlife story to the one who lives from the one who ... Read More

  • Double Vision: Is Departed Ex-Boyfriend Hurting Her Current Relationship?
    My ex-boyfriend/best friend died three years ago. I’ve been in love with my current boyfriend for over four years. Two weeks before my ex passed, he told me that he still loved me and would wait until my current relationship ended. He died in October, 2009. Ever since then, every October I dream about him watching me from a distance. Sometimes the dreams are okay; other times they are ... Read More

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