Weekly Astrological Forecast for October 17 through October 23, 2022

October 17 through October 23, 2022

The Sun will spend its last week in Libra, so let's keep our focus on love, relationships, and balance. Monday's Cancer Moon could make us feel a bit sensitive, so it's important to take all we hear with a grain of salt, avoid making anything personal, and move with a gentle grace. Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon will dance through Leo, bringing out our more generous and heart-based sides. We'll be in the mood to give, but let's be careful not to ignore our own needs in the process! Thursday through Saturday the Moon will charge through Virgo, bringing out our penchant for organization and details. The only warning here is not to get caught up in ideals or become too nit-picky, so let's keep our eyes on the bigger picture and refuse to sweat the small stuff! Saturn will turn direct on Saturday, ending its four-month retrograde period and calling for us to restore discipline and order to our schedules. Tying that in with the Virgo Moon, we may spend most of Saturday clearing out clutter, tossing out things that no longer serve us, or thinking about a remodeling project. The Sun will move into Scorpio on Sunday, followed closely by Venus. With these two planets in the sign of the Scorpion for the next four weeks, our love of the spiritual, the mysterious, and the unusual will long for expression. (And how convenient with Halloween just around the corner!)