Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 29 through December 5, 2021

November 29 through December 5, 2021

Restoring order and balance are on the menu for Monday and Tuesday as the Moon travels through Libra. Good idea too, as the rest of the week will prove scattered at best! Neptune will turn direct on Wednesday and could have a tendency to burst some bubbles in its wake, taking the wind out of our sails and tossing a dose of reality our way. Take heart though, as the truth will set us free, and moving under false illusions will only keep us from our goals. Mercury will enter Aquarius on Thursday and tends to continue the trend, shifting our thinking when fantasy and reality run into conflict with each other. These aspects are designed to prepare us for the second of two eclipses we are in the midst of, the second happening on Saturday under the Sagittarius new Moon. This will enable us to set a course for the next six months, one that is grounded in reality but based in the heart! Let's promise ourselves we'll take Sunday off to regroup under the Capricorn Moon, as we process all we've learned and experienced over the last few weeks.