Weekly Astrological Forecast for May 30 through June 5, 2022

May 30 through June 5, 2022

With a Gemini new Moon in the heavens on Monday, we can make a wish and start formulating a plan for the future. Mercury will turn direct on Friday (though allow a week or two after for glitches to clear), and on Saturday, Saturn will turn retrograde and remain that way until late October. When Saturn is retrograde, it gives us a few months to move without the regular restrictions and disciplines this planet is famous for, allowing us to explore new schedules and ways of being that might serve us better in the future. Monday and Tuesday's Gemini Moon will have us doing more chatting than working, as our quest for new and shared information prevails. A low energy will hang over us on Wednesday and Thursday as the Moon drifts through emotional Cancer, and we'll have to watch out for sensitivity or depression, which meditation and spiritual practices can help alleviate. Keep things simple, attend household obligations and avoid making any dyed-in-the-wool decisions. The Moon will move into Leo on Friday and provide us with a more confident outlook for the weekend, reminding us to practice self-love and to be generous with others in all our interactions.