Weekly Astrological Forecast for May 3 through May 9, 2021

May 3 through May 9, 2021

Mercury will move into its ruling sign of Gemini on Monday, making the start of our week brilliant and insightful! Add an Aquarius Moon on Monday and Tuesday, and we'll be inspired to share, seek out, and absorb new information, details, and innovative ideas. Venus will follow suit on Sunday, moving into the sign of Gemini as well. These two planets will “bookend” a week of thoughtful consideration and the ability to embrace new notions and pathways to our goals. The Moon will wade through Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday, adding spiritual power to all the new ideas we are considering, as well as casting deeper insight into why it's time for a major change. An Aries Moon will hang overhead Friday through Sunday, encouraging us to be creative in how we approach life, where even taking a different path home from work or to the store can revitalize our perception and refresh our view of our day to day lives. The theme is “think different!” And doing so might just bring some surprising revelations to our consciousness!