Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 4 through March 10, 2024

March 4 through March 10, 2024

Monday's Sagittarius Moon is ideal for doing research, reaching out for help, or putting together an itinerary for an upcoming vacation or celebration. Assembling more information will give any project we are working on a solid foundation. Speaking of solid foundations, Tuesday and Wednesday's Capricorn Moon carries a productive note, as well as encouraging us to set new boundaries with others so we can move more effectively in the world. Don't be afraid to speak up if someone tries to steal your energy or block your movements; it's time you were heard! Expect changes in schedule or direction under Thursday and Friday's Aquarius Moon, as even the best laid plans are subject to change when this sign's in charge! Flexibility and patience will be vital to getting through the day in a calm and serene manner, and who knows? The changes might actually work in your favor! Mercury will move into Aries on Saturday, and it's best we take care with our words over the weekend, as this combination can make us talk before we think and be more aggressive in our requests. Sunday's Pisces new Moon will mark the start of a two-week cycles of new experiences, most of them spiritual in nature.