Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 29 through April 4, 2021

March 29 through April 4, 2021

The astrological weather is pretty calm this week, with only one significant change on the agenda. Monday's Libra Moon brings love and relationships to the forefront, so if you're in the middle of any conflicts in that arena, now is the time to get those straightened out. A Scorpio Moon prevails Tuesday and Wednesday, setting a rather intense tone. You could find yourself caught up in the details of a highly focused project, but take care not to miss the forest for the trees and stay alert to what's going on around you! The workweek ends under a Sagittarius Moon, and you may finally feel like you're all caught up! Maybe for the first time in two months! Enjoy the lull, as things will pick up again next week. Mercury will move into Aries on Saturday, and you could find yourself going down the internet rabbit hole with how-to videos on YouTube or researching your family tree. Either way, there's a pull to learn more with this Mercury placement, so enjoy surfing the intellectual highway! Saturday and Sunday unfold with a Capricorn Moon overhead, making this a most productive and satisfying weekend!