Weekly Astrological Forecast for June 27 through July 3, 2022

June 27 through July 3, 2022

Exploring new options will be a theme under Monday's Gemini Moon, as we'll want to expand our curiosity and natural affinity for alternate ideas to what we have already. Be cautious when hitting the "Buy Now" button though, as a better deal could come along in a few days! The Cancer new Moon occurs on Tuesday, as well as Neptune turning retrograde for a five-month journey backward. These two aspects can also generate new ideas and options, so keep your eyes open! Things flow along smoothly under Wednesday and Thursday's Cancer Moon, so if you find yourself moving in circles or unable to tackle a project, you can blame it on this watery sign. Our energy will resurface on Friday and Saturday as a fiery Leo Moon inspires action and more action! Save Sunday for investigating details, organizing that closet that got out of hand, or mapping out a new plan of action under the detail-oriented Virgo Moon.