Weekly Astrological Forecast for June 21 through June 27, 2021

June 21 through June 27, 2021

The planets will be playing musical chairs with abandon, as we experience an astrological event almost every day this week! The official season of Summer (Winter in the southern hemisphere) will begin on Monday as the Sun moves into Cancer. Mercury will resume forward motion on Tuesday, setting the tone for a new cycle and focus for the next three months. We've also got a full Moon in Capricorn on the agenda for Thursday. This full Moon in particular will bring out our need for security and stability, inspiring us to find new ways to release those unnecessary expenditures to set a more financially grounded budget for the future. Neptune turns retrograde on Friday and will spend the next five months shifting our perceptions of reality and revealing how to bring an out of reach dream into reality before the end of 2021. And if that wasn't enough planetary action for the week, Venus will move into the sign of Leo on Sunday, encouraging us to express ourselves more freely as it dances through this dramatic fire sign for the next three and a half weeks!