Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 24 through January 30, 2022

January 24 through January 30, 2022

Mars will enter Capricorn on Monday, adding power and drive to our every move over the next two months. We'll want to capitalize on the enterprising energy of this combination, and start putting our plans for the future into action. Moving with balance will be important though, so avoid the urge to look before you leap and do your research! Tuesday and Wednesday unfold under a Scorpio Moon, which could bring hidden information to the surface or alert you to where your thinking might be off. Take everything you hear and see with a grain of salt, as illusion could cloud your perception. Thursday and Friday carry a fun and light-hearted tone under a Sagittarius Moon, where we can shake off the seriousness of the last few weeks and embrace the optimistic energy filling the air. Venus will finally turn direct after 6 weeks of retrograde motion, making it easier to navigate relationships and determine our true hearts' desires. The Capricorn Moon makes this another great week to clear out clutter, make home repairs or simply tend to those personal needs we've been neglecting.