Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 16 through January 22, 2023

January 16 through January 22, 2023

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! This new year kicks off early, officially starting on Sunday. In the days coming up to it, we’ll have virtual musical chairs of planets shifting as we prepare once again to greet a new year. Monday’s Scorpio Moon will carry an intense vibration, enabling us to get a lot of things taken care of that have been on the back burner since last year. A lighter energy prevails on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon dances through Sagittarius, but we’ll have to watch for oversensitive people or emotional outbursts here and there. Part of the cause will be Mercury turning direct in Capricorn on Wednesday. This can cause miscommunication and technical glitches are sure to try our last nerves! The Sun will move into Aquarius on Friday and meet up with Pluto, giving us a sense of destiny and karma to guide our way forward. On Saturday the Aquarius new Moon will occur, which then dictates the beginning of the Chinese New Year on Sunday. To add to the melee, Uranus will turn direct after four months of backward motion and cement the idea that new beginnings are upon us! With the Sun moving into Aquarius, the new Moon in Aquarius, Aquarius’ ruling plant Uranus going direct (as well as Mercury), and the Chinese New Year all happening within a matter of days, the message is clear: Change is on the horizon!