Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 10 through January 16, 2022


January 10 through January 16, 2022

Mercury will be going retrograde in Aquarius on Friday, but we can expect to see evidence of it as early as Monday. Miscommunication, lost items and internet glitches could litter the week, so stay on alert and when one door closes, look for a different avenue to get to where you're going. The Moon marches through grounded Taurus Monday through Wednesday, which should add a lot of stability to our movements the first half of the week; if there's anything you just have to get one, try to get it off your plate before Thursday! The Moon will hang out in Gemini Thursday and Friday, and with Gemini's ruler Mercury changing direction, this could be the time when miscommunication is at it's highest; if your phone isn't working quite right or your texts disappear, don't be surprised! Avoid making any set in stone decisions for the next three weeks, as changing your mind at the last minute will be a theme. We'd be wise to lay low and stick close to home over the weekend as the Moon travels through Cancer, stoking the home fires and attending to our closest relationships.