Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 28 through March 6, 2022

February 28 through March 6, 2022

The Pisces new Moon and two planetary sign changes add an interesting tone to the week, bringing out our spiritual as well as innovative sides. Expect the unexpected on Monday and Tuesday as the Moon travels through Aquarius and shifts our focus with new information or last minute changes in plans. Don't fight the blocks or revisions, as they are designed to work in our best interest. Wednesday's Pisces new Moon heralds in a cycle of spiritual rebirth over the next two weeks, revealing the reason for past delays, disappointments or reversals. Think of this as an “aha” phase, where everything will finally begin to make sense! Getting things done is always easier under a fire-sign Moon, so capitalize on Friday and Saturday's Aries Moon to make things happen. We may want to take things easy on Sunday as the Moon moves into Taurus and Venus and Mars enter the electric sign of Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius will inspire us to think outside the box over the next six weeks, while Mars in the same sign could create some unpredictable movement or inspire new paths to follow. Either way, with both these planets in the sign of friendship, we'll have more than enough support and backing to move us forward into a brighter future.