Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 12 through February 18, 2024

Double Vision: Recurring Dreams of Something Left Behind

February 12 through February 18, 2024

As if having the Sun and Mercury dancing around in Aquarius isn't enough voltage, both Mars and Venus will move in to this electrical sign as well this week! Over all we'll experience a very productive week as the Moon moves through productive Aries on Monday and Tuesday and then grounded Taurus Wednesday through Friday. Mars will enter Aquarius on Tuesday, and as the planet of action and assertiveness, move us forward in magical ways for the next two months! Venus will enter Aquarius on Friday, inspiring our individual and unique selves to express themselves more openly through art, social media and creative endeavors. The week ends on a high note when the Sun exits Aquarius and heads to the spiritual waters of Pisces on Sunday, pushing us toward more spiritual and soulful activities for the next four weeks. As the last sign of the zodiac, it also brings us full circle, inspiring us to integrate all we have learned in the last twelve months.