Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 6 through December 12, 2021

December 6 through December 12, 2021

A peaceful week awaits as we move forward with renewed confidence and faith in the future. We'll do our best work on Monday under the Capricorn Moon, so we'll need to move our agenda for the week around so that the most pressing obligations on our list are taken care of then. Tuesday and Wednesday unfold under an Aquarius Moon, bringing our humanitarian and unity to the forefront. Friendships need to be attended to, as some things have fallen to the wayside, and if there are any connections we feel ready to leave behind (for whatever reason), now is the time to consider walking away from them. The Moon will travel through Pisces Thursday through Saturday, evoking our spiritual and artistic sides. This is an ideal time to get busy if you're planning on making holiday gifts for loved ones, as the creative energy in the air prevails. It's also a wonderful time for a retreat into ourselves to evaluate, eliminate and reconfigure what we value and what we are ready to release. Sunday's Aries Moon will encourage us to cast heavy energy aside and have some fun! Permission to goof off!