Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 4 through December 10, 2023

December 4 through December 10, 2023

The Moon will travel through meticulous Virgo on Monday and Tuesday, and with Venus entering the same sign on Monday, we can expect an intense focus for the first two days of the week. This is the time to set out plans, schedule events or appointments and attend to health and financial matters. Once the Moon moves into Libra on Wednesday and Neptune returns to direct motion, things will ease up quite a bit. In fact, you may feel as if the pendulum has swung from one side to the other, taking us from razor-sharp focus to an easygoing and somewhat ethereal gaze in just a matter of days! Once the Moon gets settled in Libra we’ll be able to cruise the rest of the week, gravitating to whatever catches our interest and making balance the theme. A Scorpio Moon will cast a karmic feel over our weekend, as we put on our rose-colored spiritual glasses and acknowledge the blessings and abundance in our lives.