Weekly Astrological Forecast for August 23 through August 29, 2021

August 23 through August 29, 2021

A Pisces Moon will follow us around on Monday, making it easier to see the spiritual side and higher purpose of all we do and encounter. Once it moves into Aries on Tuesday, we'll have more drive and energy to get things done! Thanks to the newly ensconced Virgo Sun, all we have to do is think something, and we can manifest it. Do note though that as Virgo rules health and computer issues, it would be a good idea to start taking action to make Dr. or holistic health appointments, clear out old files on the computer/ smartphone/iPad or tablet, and update apps on them as well. Basically, it's about taking care of business, and doing the things you've been moving from list to list over the last two months! The Moon will move into Taurus on Friday and continue the trend of getting things in order, especially on Saturday when we'll find it's time to clear out the garage, clean up the garden or make that household repair we've been putting off. Luckily, Sunday is a "relax" day, as Mercury moves into Libra and the Moon dances into Gemini. Translation? This day was made for socializing, creative pursuits, or just being a major couch potato! Enjoy!