Three Ways to Tune In and Get Answers

by Jana Moreno

Many of us have forgotten that we have all the answers to all we seek, and that we can access these answers without needing to seek them outside of ourselves. Mind you, sometimes the answer does come to us from another person, but to rely solely on another person or group of people to find your own answers can create a crutch for you. So how can we find the answers to our own questions or issues without depending on something or someone outside of ourselves?

Here are Three Ways to Tune In and Get Your Own Answers:

1) Meditate on it. Simple and useful as it is, many people forget that they don't have to lament over the issue and can get straight to solving it by meditating on it. This is one of my favorite ways to tune in and get your own answers. So let's say the issue is that you had an argument with a friend that you want to resolve, and you can either save the friendship or let it go completely. Instead of going and telling your other friends about it or seeking advice elsewhere, become calm and relaxed. Open yourself, become blank and release all emotional attachment or involvement with the situation. Emotions are something one must feel and express, so it is recommended to meditate on it AFTER you have expressed and exhausted your emotional involvement in the situation first.

Then simply sit with it. Don't try to find the answer; just sit with the situation or drama that you would like to rectify without judgment. See it as it is without labeling it, judging it or making it wrong. An answer may come up immediately, or it may take a few days first. Sometimes the situation seems to solve itself. Practice this and make it a habit whenever something happens that you allow yourself to be affected by, and you will find that the answers will make themselves known to you faster and faster.

2) Ask questions. The brain is an interesting and complex organ, and it is a problem-solving machine. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are asking questions all the time, questions that the brain automatically goes to work on answering by trying to find answers or bits of information. The thing is that oftentimes we ask the wrong questions. We ask things like, Why do I always fall for the wrong kind of guy? or How come this always happens to me? The more we ask these questions either consciously or unconsciously, the more the brain goes to work, picking out bits of information that match the vibration of these questions.

Instead, ask questions such as, Why am I being affected by this? or What can be done to solve this issue? If the question is about something specific like a certain pattern in relationships, ask yourself questions like, What would it take for genuine and sensitive men to ask me out? or What needs to be done so that I can be in a rewarding and fulfilling relationship?

The trick with this is again to try NOT to answer the questions. Just ask them two or three times a day, and let your brain do the rest of the work, sifting through the information. Several things could happen:

  • One: you could get an inspirational thought to go somewhere or meet someone.
  • Two: you may get no inspirational thoughts, but feel yourself beginning to shift in energy.
  • Three: the questions become the answer, and men start coming into your life experience!

3) Go with your gut. Our intuition is our best guide, and it doesn't always go with mainstream thinking. For example, I went to several sales seminars years ago in order to hone my sales skills, and almost everything I learned went against my gut. Instead of listening to my intuition and my emotions, which were telling me that hard selling didn't feel right for me, I went against it and it showed in my results. I was carrying certain emotions with me about hard-selling, and instead of listening to them, I pushed them aside, which made my sales calls and meetings a bit awkward for me and my potential clients. Once I gave in and listened to what felt right and what didn't feel right, I found my own unique sales style that worked best for me.

The same goes for any situation. FEEL what is right for you. If the whole world has an idea that a good friend is supposed to be and act a certain way, but it doesn't sit right with you, then listen to that. Maybe it isn't right for that particular situation, or maybe your BS sensor is going off and letting you know via your intuition. No matter what you do, the whole world is going to have an opinion on what is best for you, but ultimately you already know it for yourself. The key is to listen to yourself and follow through.

Make this a daily practice. Check in from time to time to see how you feel about certain things. Hold up an item such as a cup of coffee and see how you feel inside. It might be a very subtle feeling, but give it a go. Then hold up something else such as a phone, wallet, orange and so on, and note the different feelings coming through. This will support you in building your intuition.

In summary, you have all the answers you seek. Sometimes the answers rise from within you, and sometimes your outer world will reflect them back to you. The key is to begin relying on yourself for answers instead of asking everyone else who has never been in your shoes. If everyone is giving you different advice, it is a reflection of your inner state of being! Begin depending on yourself and tuning your own vibration, and watch how you never let yourself down.

Jana Moreno is an author, speaker, trainer, radio host, and owner of Wisdom Ink Magazine online. Jana supports people in creating and experiencing fulfilling careers, loving relationships, boundless energy and health, financial mastery, joy, love and abundance. Jana gives talks and trainings in Malaysia, and gives sessions to people from all around the world including the United States, Vietnam, Brunei and Canada. She has been participating in this work since 2006, and provides workshops, retreats and group circles. For more of her inspiring writing, visit Wisdom Ink Magazine. To connect with Jana, check out her Facebook page and Twitter.